Why American Idol Contestant David Cook Wears an Orange Bracelet

American Idol Contestant Honors Young Cancer Patient

Have you been watching “American Idol” recently, and noticed that front-runner David Cook has been wearing an orange bracelet during his performances? I wondered if it was somehow connected with his brother, Adam, who has been undergoing treatment for brain cancer. However, I was surprised to learn that the bracelet came from a young fan who has her own health challenges.

The flexible orange bracelet was given to Cook by Charley Belcher, a TV reporter in Tampa, Florida, who interviewed Cook recently for WTVT, Channel 13. His 7-year-old daughter, Lindsey Rose, is a big David Cook fan. She was diagnosed with leukemia late last year.

Charley Belcher posted information on Yahoo! Answers to answer the question, “Meaning to David Cook’s orange bracelet on ‘American Idol’?” So this information is straight from the original source.

Belcher wrote, “(Lindsey Rose) loves David Cook so much, I just had to mention it to him when I was interviewing him for the top 12. He was absolutely the most genuine person I think I have ever met in my life.

“He called Lindsey Rose and spoke such encouraging words to her. When I told him about the orange bracelet that I wear … he immediately asked for one. The fact that he followed through with his promise … and wears it on the air … is simply amazing.”

Every time Lindsey Rose sees David Cook wearing her bracelet on TV, it makes her happy, her father notes, and is a good distraction from what she’s going through with her medical treatments.

Lindsey Rose was diagnosed in December 2007 and has two years of chemotherapy ahead of her. Her dad says her favorite color is orange, and this is also the official color of childhood leukemia awareness. And so Belcher made up orange wristbands that say “Do whatcha gotta do!” on one side, and “Lindsey Rose” on the other.

“I encourage all of you to use that motto in your own lives,” wrote Belcher. “And I know David will use that motto to become a huge singing success. I don’t care what happens on this TV show … he is already my Idol.”

Myself, now I have more than one reason to admire David Cook. Not only is he a talented singer and performer, he’s also got a big heart. A rare and awesome combination.