What Not to Write on a Resume: Statements to Avoid for a Successful Career

Writing a resume can be harder than someone thinks, in the effort to show our best qualities, or sometimes just trying to make them up, can be easy to make overstatements or use the wrong phrasing and damage our image

Here are some common mistakes that are better be avoided when submitting a resume, or simply inquiring about a job. 
So for a better chance to give a good impression never write things like:

– I have just completed my MBA and my strong desire is to become a manager with the capital A.

– I have localized your ad on the local paper.

– Attached to this letter of presentation, you will find my resume and my mug shot.

– If now you are not hiring, I would like my resume to be infiltrated in your Human Resources database.

– In reply to your ad, I would like to point out that I have a truckload of experience.

– You can consider me as vacant since I am about to resign from my current employer.

– I hope I am still in time to submit my resume; I am inquiring about the ad you posted 6 weeks ago.

– I have heard the rumor of a possible position with your company.

– I am a spicy sales man with a kick.

– Attached is a brief, but clear circumnavigation of my previous experiences.

– I have read your ad and found it incredibly tasty.

– I am a certified accountant, so is my wife and my four children; for a total of six accountants.

– My father’s cousin’s husband from my father’s grandfather side told me about your ad.

– And here comes the juiciest part of my resume…

– I am replying about your bilingual position ad; I am both mother and father tongue German.

– I do not have previous experience of working under pressure, but I once participated at the “Wheel of Fortune”.

– I am available for consulting or collaboration on free-lunch bases.

– I am ready to start from the bottom, but if I have to be honest, I rather not to.

– If, for whatever reason, you will find my resume unfitted for the position, I would be happy to provide a different one.

– I have an immaculate record, almost new.

When talking about you and your hobbies, avoid statements like:

– As a hobby, I play in a rock band as a substitute.

– I like the beaches, walking on the ocean really relaxes me.

– I have two small children age 28 and 35 and taking care of them takes most of my spare time.

– I am in fairly good shape but I could even improve with a transplant and five minor surgeries.

– Most of my favorite activities are illegal.

– I don’t talk to strangers about my private life.

– In my spare time, I’m hardly ever sober so I can’t really tell what I do.

Avoid making these statements, and your chances of being hired will certainly improve, with this said, best of luck!!