Used Bookstores in Kansas City and Surrounding Areas

Used bookstores aren’t just for the bargain hunters anymore. If you are willing to do some fishing through bookshelves and bins you will be surprised by the hidden gems you find. Who wants a new version of a book when you might be able to find a first edition?


Prospero’s Bookstore – This used bookstore is located on 39th street in Kansas City, MO. It is run by people that adore the written word and will help you with any question you ask. It is in an old building that they are constantly working on. There are 2 floors and they not only have current fiction but they also have nonfiction, classics, and occult books. As a used bookstore goes they are very well organized and have some great titles.

½ Price Books – This is a commercial end used bookstore. And although they are not independently owned and they don’t have the charm of most used bookstores they do have cheap books and a wide selection. They also will purchase books from you as well. They are located in Olathe and Overland Park, Kansas as well as other areas around the city. This is a great store if you like books but aren’t desperately in love with them.

JD Books – This used books store is a small one located in historic Westport. Definitely worth a visit especially due to the area it is located in. However they also carry rare books if you are looking for a true used book treasure. They are a little small but really most independent used bookstores tend to be. They have almost no advertising which means they manage to stay afloat just by the books they sell.

Lasus Used Books – This little independent used bookstore is located in Riverside, MO. They have used books as well as collectibles. The prices for the used books are pretty average for an independent store. The employees are very friendly and willing to dig through their books as well for you.

Anastasia’s Books – This is another charming independent used bookstore. They have rare, uses, and out of print books. They are located in Raytown, MO. What is so great is they will buy your books or even trade them for others within the store. They will also special order books for you even they can locate the title you want.

Really when purchasing any book look into shopping at a used bookstore, not only can you find books for less than regular price but you can also find rare books, and impossible to find novels. Plus you get a charming experience and support a local business.