Writing Song Lyrics

Writing song lyrics is a challenging and rewarding process. Challenging in the sense that it can take you many hours or days or possibly even weeks to write. Rewarding in the sense that you have accomplished the difficult. I won’t say that you have accomplished the impossible because you haven’t. While difficult, it is far from impossible. Writing song lyrics is a lot like writing poetry. Either you must have a way with words, or you had better have a good book on rhyming with you. Of course, not all songs have to rhyme. It is just easier to get a reaction out of the audience if you do rhyme it. If you feel confident enough to write a song that doesn’t rhyme, then go for it. Confidence is key. Just remember that it had better be a very good song if it’s meant to be successful.


If you do not yet have a talent for rhyming, then do not panic or give up. All is not yet lost. There are dozens, possibly hundreds of books out there that were written specifically for rhyming. There is no shame in it. You are not “cheating”. I used to use a rhyming book myself. It is very helpful when you are stuck on tough words. It also helps you become a better writer. I found that the more I used my rhyming guide, the less I needed. All of those hundreds upon thousands of rhymes will eventually stick to. I rarely use a book anymore. I don’t need to, but I advise any newcomers to the game to use one. It will save you a lot of trouble. Be wary though, some of these books are better than others. If you can, pick a book that rhymes sounds rather than words. It is easier to rhyme sounds than it is to rhyme words.

Never forget what I am about to tell you. You can have all the rhymes in the world in your song, but it means absolutely nothing if you do not have some sort of message or story in the songs. You can’t just run things. Every word in your song must have a purpose. If it has no purpose, it will become weak and the audience will be more inspired to reject it. It must have a meaning. It doesn’t necessarily have to have a message, but it must have a meaning. It must have a purpose. That’s really all there is to song writing. Except for the fact that you have to be creative, but I’m sure you are if you are reading this. Happy writing, colleagues.…

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Child Beauty Pageant: Winning and Losing Talent Performances

Observing child beauty pageants together is a great way coach your child through the do’s and don’ts of winning or losing performances. If your child is competing in beauty pageants, it is wise to order the Videos observe what choices and habits make contestants winners or losers.

Winning performances at child beauty pageants:

• Feel the performance: One pageant talent winner in particular, sang a song that while not necessarily popular, told a story. In addition, but her body language and facial expression told the story too. It did not hurt that she had a great soprano voice for a child under 10.

• Wow the crowd: Judges at child beauty pageants also notice the reaction of the crowd. If your dance routine involves stunts few others cannot do, then go for it! Flexibility helps!

Losing performances at child beauty pageants

• Be yourself. A Shirley Temple impression, while adorable, is just an impression. After a certain age, it’s time to form your own performance style.

• Painful to the ears: Get an impartial person to listen to you sing when preparing for your child beauty pageant, if you sing off key or just not well at all chose another talent. If you sing OK, take lessons to get better.

• Forgetting lyrics. A big no-no at child beauty pageants, especially when you are singing a popular song and everyone else knows the lyrics.

• Poorly played instrument. At a girl’s pageant, a performance that sound like you are tuning a guitar will not be understood. However, in a school talent contest, I might go over well.

• Background louder than singer: Singing should be louder than the background music. Try to use music with only background vocals in a child pageant, not a track with the main lyrics to the song.

At child beauty pageants watch out for:

• Natural Pageants prefer performances not be over staged. This means paying more attention to the camera that to what you are doing and choreography planned with camera poses. It gets annoying to the audience and judges. You would never find a regular tap dance performer stopping in the middle for a photograph.

• Classical music is great, but for talent contests, something more popular is appreciated, unless you are especially gifted.

• Have copies of your music, sometimes a disk that worked previously, may not work later.

• Clothing should fit. If your dress is too tight, short, or falling off one shoulder, it will take attention away from your performance.

• Know when to stop. Practice with your music and make sure your DJ knows when to stop the track. It is embarrassing if you keep singing after the music has stopped.

• Too short: Don’t leave them asking if you were really finished, or just quit. If the time limit is 2 minutes, try to do at least one and a half.…

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After Innocent Rendition, Will David Cook Become the Next American Idol?

Will David Cook become the next American Idol? This is a question burning in the minds of many American Idol fans. For me, the answer is simple…David Cook should be the next American Idol.

This week, American Idol’s resident rocker, David Cook, took on the song “Innocent” by the alternative rock band, Our Lady Peace. I’ve been a strong fan of David’s from the beginning of this season, so it’s with reluctance that I admit my disappointment with his song choice. Please don’t get me wrong. It’s an excellent song with inspiring lyrics, which is probably the reason David chose the song. I just don’t believe this arrangement of “Innocent” properly showcased David Cook’s amazing talent and vocal range.

The weakness in this performance for David Cook was primarily due to the large part of the song being sung in his lower register. In my opinion, his voice is most powerful and compelling when he’s belting out the higher notes. Overall, this was not David Cook’s best performance but I don’t believe it will deter his devoted American Idol fans from continuing to support him. Week after week, David Cook has brought a unique, rock edge to the American Idol stage. He has been a consistently strong performer and commanding stage presence throughout this season of American Idol and deserves to make it into the finale.

What other American Idols have the potential to rival David Cook in the finale? In my opinion, the top three American Idol contestants this year will be David Cook, David Archuleta, and Michael Johns.

First, let’s look at young David Archuleta. I agree that he is an extremely talented singer but I find his performances to be kind of boring, at times. If David Archuleta wants to win this competition, he needs to bring more excitement to his performances. If America chooses the next American Idol based on cuteness and sweet personality, then yes, David Archuleta has a huge chance.

Now, let’s examine Michael Johns. Another early favorite of mine, Michael Johns has the potential to be an incredible performer. He has a strong and remarkable bluesy sounding voice. I think the main struggle for Michael Johns in the American Idol competition has been choosing the correct songs to maximize his voice. If, or when, he finds the perfect song, Michael Johns has the power to completely blow the American Idol fans and judges away.

So, let me say it again. I believe David Cook should be the next American Idol. Come on America; let’s get it right this time. Don’t let this be another mistaken and shocking elimination like with Chris Daughtry!…

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Just as She’s Improving, Kristy Lee Cook Voted off American Idol

It’s sad, but Kristy Lee Cook was kicked of American Idol this week. How ironic is that? The girl is finally doing a great job. She is improving week-to-week and she is starting to get all the judges to like her.

I guess it’s like they always say, “someone’s got to go.” This week it was Kristy. After last week’s shocker with Michael Johns, nothing would surprise me. I think we are to the point where it doesn’t matter if you are great because pretty much all the contestants left are great. Someone great is going to go each week. Messing up a performance will probably still affect you, but from now on it is down to popularity and who America’s favorites are. If you want your favorite to stay you have to vote because as of right now no one is safe.

I was kind of happy when Simon was saying bad things about Kristy and Brooke White told him, “Hey”, to stick up for her. That was cool. You can tell she is like the protective mama in the group. I feel bad for Kristy though because she was finally starting to get some praise.

The judges were starting to give her good comments and she was probably just really enjoying her self and feeling good about it. It’s not like her not being a good singer was ever the case. It always came down to bad song choice or just not standing out in the bunch. I always thought she was a good singer. I just felt in the beginning she could have left because the others were doing better than her.

I can’t say she really deserve to go this week because she wasn’t the worst, but who was really? Someone has to go and now a lot of them are going to go out on good performances. I guess that is a good way to leave the show though. With a strong performance to leave on at least everyone will remember her more. I think she will be fine. You watch, in a year or so when they are all coming out with albums, she will have a hit country record. And hopefully she will have her horse back.…

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Why Hollywood Should Remake “West Side Story”

We’ve all seen the original West Side Story, filmed in 1961,starring Natalie Wood as a not-quite-convincing Latina Maria. One glance at the oldie tells why this movie is begging for a remake. It is outdated and corny. The street battles between the Jets and the Sharks, the white kids against the Puerto Ricans, are no longer relevant to our time. But the prejudice and discrimination are all-too-current topics.The iconic songs with music by Leonard Bernstein and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim have become American classics. And the Romeo and Juliet-type love story will never go out of style.


My suggestion for a redo is to make the story current by spotlighting ethnic tension between young white Americans and Mexican immigrants. Maria could be played by Demi Lovato, who in actuality is a dark beauty of mixed Mexican, Italian and Irish descent. Lovato is an experienced singer-actress who might give the role a needed shot of relevancy to a new audience.

Around the World in Eighty Days is another oldie, but goodie. In the original 1955 film David Niven plays the suave Englishman who bets the fellows at his London club that he can circumnavigate the world in 80 days. He also happens to be on the lam for a bank robbery and is being pursued in his around-the-world-travels. This is a clever story that should be remade in 3-D. Those breathtaking balloon trips would be even more breathtaking to 3-D viewers. And the scenery! Paris in 3-D? A trip over the Eiffel Tower? Charging elephants in 3-D? See what I mean? Perfect. This remake should be handled by none-other than Disney.

Another movie begging for a redo is Phantom of the Opera. The blockbuster Broadway musical which continues to set new records for attendance, was made into a so-so movie in 2004. Actually the film verson was a bit of a snooze.

The creepy antics of the phantom and that crashing chandelier are just calling out for 3-D treatment! Director Tim Burton could give this update the right amount of creepiness it demands. The beautiful heroine Christine needs an updating by a popular young star that would give the tale some freshness. My vote for this role is Taylor Swift. She’s young and popular. She’s beautiful and she can sing. Taylor Swift might give the role credibility as the talented beauty who drives a bedeviled creature to obsession. How’s that for a great box-office draw?…

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David Cook Gives Another Outstanding Performance on American Idol

I was very interested to know how David Cook would do on Andrew Lloyd Webber night. I was interested in how all of the performances would turn out. I was thinking, is it going to sound like I’m at an opera. Also I was thinking how they were going to do with making these well known songs their own. Andrew Lloyd Webber is the guy who is famous for writing songs for Cats and The Phantom of the Opera. I know that there is a lot of talent left on American Idol so I figured that most of the performances would be good.

David Cook came up and I was excited to see what he would do with the song he picked. He picked the song, “Music of the Night” and I know that was a powerful song. I was very interested in how he was going to sing. I think that David Cook did an outstanding job singing that song. He was really good. I think that David Cook was the best one on American Idol Tuesday night. David Archuletta and Jason Castro were not far behind though. They were all excellent. They are stepping it up week after week. David Cook has a lot of talent but I already knew that from the beginning, as you probably knew also. He is doing a great job of keeping his uniqueness on American Idol.

I don’t need to say that David Cook needs to step it up because he really doesn’t need to. I think that he is doing exactly what he should be doing. Keep in mind that he is doing all of this with a very sick brother at home. He has a lot to deal with. David Cook has the talent to go far and I know he will. I think that the final two are going to be David Cook versus Jason Castro. What do you all think?…

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Six Christian-Themed Writing Projects for Kids

If you’re looking to add a creative project to your Sunday school or homeschooling lessons, or want to give the kids something faith-related and fun to do on a rainy afternoon, consider a Christian-themed creative writing project. Simply put, these are writing projects which allow kids a chance to express their ideas and feelings about their faith. Writing projects can ask kids to explain bible stories, apply their faith to certain situations, or express how they feel about the Lord. At the same time, writing projects help kids hone important skills which they will need in school.

To help make these writing projects more fun and special, give your kids colored pens or markers and special stationary or notebooks to use as they write. Keeping these special writing items in sync with the Christian theme of the projects (think Veggie Tales) can help kids get into the spirit and realize that writing about church, the bible, or lessons from Jesus can be a fun and joy-filled experience, not just a boring lesson or drill.

Here are some Christian-themed writing project prompts you may want to use to get your kids started.

Writing Project #1: Being Like Jesus 
Ask your child to consider which trait of Jesus he or she wishes she could have. Why would they want that trait? What would they do if they had it? Some kids may say they wish they could be kinder and more loving and forgiving while others may focus on how Jesus had the power to heal people and perform miracles that helped people. This is a good project for helping kids to think about all the different aspects of Jesus and see ways they can try to be more like Him in everyday life.

Writing Project #2: Jesus At School 
Ask your child to write about a situation they might see at school (or another setting where they’re with their peers) where something unChristian is happening – maybe a kid is picking on another kid, or a fight is about to break out, or someone is considering cheating. After they describe the situation, ask your child to put Jesus in the mix to resolve it. This project encourages kids to consider “What would Jesus do” in the context of a situation they would really encounter. Older kids can be encouraged to use bible verse in their writing, or to write the story as a play with different characters speaking dialogue.

Writing Project #3: A Question For God 
Part of being a Christian is learning to talk to God. Sometimes, both kids and adults have questions they’d like God to answer. Ask your child to write a letter to God asking him something they wonder about. Whether it’s serious, like why a bad thing happens to a good person, or silly, like why He created something like the duck-billed platypus, your child’s question can reveal a lot about what’s on his or her mind and may encourage him or her to be comfortable asking the Lord for help in understanding things which seem confusing. An alternative to writing a letter would be to have a child pretend he or she is walking or sharing a meal with Jesus and posing the question to Him face to face. Encourage your kids to not try to answer the question in their writing, but rather encourage them to be open to getting an answer from God in His own way and time.

Writing Project #4: A Prayer 
There are as many ways to pray as there are people. Writing a prayer down instead of speaking it out loud can be a very powerful way to speak to God. Ask your child, young or old, to write a prayer from the heart. It could be a prayer for a special intention, a grace for a family dinner, or something else your child would like to address. Encourage them to think of all sorts of prayers in the bible and in church including psalms, song lyrics, formal prayers, rhyme, and informal, conversational prayers, and then use any style they like. They may want to begin with thinking about what they want to pray about and then coming up …

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Kristy Lee Cook Sings Mariah Carey’s Forever in Country Style on American Idol

Kristy Lee Cook is a country girl. She sang Proud to be an American and brought the house down a few weeks ago.


Tonight was Mariah Carey night on American Idol. Kristy chose the song Forever. She put her country mark on it tonight. Mariah said Kristy gave her goose bumps when she listened to her.

I enjoyed the arrangement she sang. I think Kristy has a strong voice and is enjoyable to watch. She always looks beautiful and I am sure appeals to the country crowd.

I really didn’t think Kristy had staying ability, but she has surprised me. The first couple weeks, I really expected her to be voted off the show. She has gotten better every week and I actually think she might outlast the other two girls.

With all that being said, I think that beating David Cook and David Archuleta will be very difficult. They have powerful voices and the ability to be very versatile. David Cook can sing ballads and rock while Kristy is mostly country. I think Kristy could end up in the top three.…

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American Idol Winner David Cook Snags Another Prize

So I didn’t watch the two plus hour American Idol finale, I admit it. I don’t particularly like watching people butcher songs that were made popular by the people that were meant to sing them, and Paula, Simon, and Ryan Seacrest just really get on my nerves.


That being said, I really find America’s obsession with this show rather amusing. It’s interesting that the pseudo-celebrity American Idol winners always get so much publicity right after they win and America cares so much about their personal lives, but then the next season of American Idol comes along. Then the winner gets on with their seemingly boring life, if the tabloid coverage of the past American Idol winners is evident of their lifestyles. I guess they just don’t have great publicists like Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears and all of the other tabloid darlings that can always be found hanging out around the checkout lines at grocery stores tempting you to peek inside to see what kind of huge mistake they’ve made this time or how horrible they look without makeup.

David Cook is at least making somewhat of an effort to keep his name in the headlines, by going on a date with ex-Idol contestant Kimberly Caldwell. Judging from his remark “We’ll probably hang out again”, it sounds like this relationship is really going to last. No girl wants to hear a guy say they want to “hang out” with her. That usually means they want to have sex as soon as possible and move on, which is exactly what Cook will do.

There are plenty of bigger, better babes he can bang out there, and he better do it while he’s still got all the attention from winning American Idol. If he waits too long, all the Jessicas and Britneys and Jennifer Anistons will find someone else who’s more tabloid-worthy. Kimberly Caldwell better milk this for all its worth before David starts thinking of all of the hypothetical attention-grabbing situations he could get into with single twenty-something celebs, whose relationships seem to get shorter and shorter as they get older. It seems that, when it comes to dating in Hollywood, the women have become just as bad as the men about having sex with as many famous guys as possible. I guess it’s just the culture that Sex in the City has created.

So enjoy getting laid, David Cook. Even when your celebrity status wears off somewhat with the coming of the next American Idol, you’ll still be able to get yourself plenty of groupies, or perhaps Britney Spears (maybe even her sister). Enjoy your prize.…

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David Cook First, David Archuleta Second: American Idol Top Five

In a season of American Idol known for pulling out all the punches, the contestants have now been whittled down to five. While it might not be the five that the American Idol viewing audience expected, it is a diverse group that will be vying for the top spot. Still, even with strong competitors, it is obvious that some contestants are more deserving of the title of “American Idol” than others.

It is going to be a tight race for the top five on American Idol. There will be a lot of clawing for the top spot, but in the end, it will be David Cook that is victorious. He has star quality and is actually a real musician instead of merely a singer. Out of all of the American Idols, David Cook is the one to look forward to week after week. With each performance, David Cook infuses his own personality and gives the audience something that hasn’t been played time and time again on the radio. It is that uniqueness that will bring David Cook to the front of the top five on American Idol. Last week, David Cook managed to cement his position even further by giving American Idol viewers the biggest surprise of the season. His performance of Music of the Night was straightforward, sang as written, and showcased his voice. That was a smart move for David Cook. It allowed the American Idol audience to see that not only can he mix things up, but he has a wonderful vocal range.

David Cook has taken a lot of heat throughout the season. It has come out that his musical arrangements have not always been his. They have been lesser known arrangements that can be found online. Still, one must give the guy credit. By not singing popular radio songs, a risk is being taken. The key to American Idol is to not allow the songs to come across as singing karaoke. Whether you love or hate David Cook, you have to admit that his music is not the type that would be heard in a karaoke bar. It is not all that relevant who came up with the arrangements. Many musicians do not write their own music, and it is certainly not a prerequisite for being a star on American Idol. What is important is that David Cook has managed to step outside of the American Idol box. He truly is different, even if the arrangements are not his. He is contemporary. David Cook is not lost in 1988 like many American Idol contestants are.

Many will not agree with this, but David Archuleta is going to finish in second place on American Idol. Honestly, his gimmick is wearing thin. The doe eyed seventeen year old has secured a huge fan base, but in a head to head competition with David Cook, Archuleta will lose. While he put originality in Andrew Lloyd Webber night last week, it will probably be one of the few times when David Archuleta crosses the boundary between “singer” and “musician.” He is definitely talented enough of a singer to make it to the top two on American Idol, but his lack of originally will keep him from getting the coveted number one spot. David Archuleta has a lot of growing up and maturing as an artist to do before he can be considered the best. He is incredibly good, but he is not the best. He is not contemporary. David Archuleta is more of an easy listening, song playing in the elevator, type of performer.

The American Idol audience is buying into what the judges say about him. Week after week, David Archuleta can do almost no wrong when it comes to Randy, Paula and Simon. He is incredibly over praised by the judges and fans alike. It is as if people are afraid to give David Archuleta a real critique. He seems to be a sweet, passionate guy, and his personality is derailing his critics. People need to look past his sweet nature and truly critique his performances. When David Archuleta forgets the words to a song, it needs to be mentioned. Forgetting the words to songs does not …

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