Silent Solitude

by Whyte Panther (Luigi Fiorino)

Sitting in the silent sadness of my solitude 
Amidst the agonizing ache of time apart from you 
I watch as a lone candle flickers. 
Dancing shadows cast upon the walls 
Serve only to remind me of a vision I long to see. 
A vision of myself 
Gazing lovingly at your candle lit visage 
As I embrace you my angel 
In these loving arms. 
So simple a vision 
Seems once more beyond my grasp. 
Cursed indecision, stealer of dreams 
Would that I could rid my life of this hideous beast. 
It seems but moments past when I stood here 
So certain of my direction 
So completely content 
Ready, as I’ve never been ready 
For anything in my life 
Ready to take those precious first few steps 
In planning a tomorrow 
In beginning to build a history 
With the one for which I was destined. 
The beast has once more raised his head 
Casting shadows of doubt and fear beneath it. 
In quiet desperation do I cling 
To images and feelings past… 
The magical release from the sound of your laughter 
The sweet contentment that comes only 
From a smile meant just for me 
From a simple touch or a gentle whisper 
Or the spark that comes 
From your eyes meeting mine. 
The beast has managed to grasp at my heart 
And take what was so sure 
And turn it into a mere dream once again. 
Patiently now must I sit 
Perfectly still in anticipation of the beast’s departure 
When I can once more dare to live my dream. 
Quietly, unobtrusively must I wait 
For that time when I can look beyond the abyss 
The chasm safely behind me 
Untouchable by the pain of the past 
With my life renewed 
My devotion redoubled 
And I can once again express my true love for you. 
Until that time sweet angel 
Here will I wait 
In my silent solitude 
Awaiting your tender embrace