Reservations in the Indian Education System

Almost 50% reservation in various fields of education is degrading the quality of students passing out every year. As a result the quality of education is also deteriorating due to this. Many brilliant students who deserve much better colleges or universities are barred from getting admission due to this reservation. In the present scenario in India there is no discrimination between people of different castes or societies. Every individual in the country gets the same opportunity but still though we talk of equality in society still due to this reservation the government is creating a difference in social status in our society.

Do you think this can help in the development of any nation? The government talks of equality everywhere but still in the educational system, government jobs there is a divide between the different societies in our country. Every year the situation gets worse as the government implements more and more reservation in the educational system. Is there any opportunity that the so called backward classes in the society don’t get? The answer is obviously no. Then why is this discrimination. Due to this the unity, equality and tranquility among the people is getting disturbed. We want a society, nation free from all these discrimination and so I would like all my brothers and sisters to raise their voice against this.