Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty in Minocqua Wisconsin a Unique Dining Experience

Paul Bunyan is a legionary Icon from the great north. He comes from many woodland areas of the United States. It seems to be hard to come from more then one place but he was a lumberjack so he cuts down trees and travels to a new woods to cut down more trees. That is why he comes from so many areas.

In Wisconsin one of the areas he comes from is the the great north where you can find a restaurant in his name sake. This restaurant is a unique dining experience that can leave you full and wanting to come back another time. The restaurant is called Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty in MInocqua, WIsconsin.

At Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty you sit down at a table family style and a waiter or waitress comes to bring you all kinds of food that was served in the lumber camps of Wisconsin in the 1800’s. You can come for breakfast lunch or dinner and eat all you want.

Once you are seated you can look around you at all the lumber camp artifacts. Saws, axes, and other logging equipment hang on the walls. There are also pictures of lumber camps in Wisconsin. The tables are made of wood and so are the floors. You get the feel that you are in an actually logging camp mess hall.

You may ask yourself, “Do I really want to eat at a logging camp?” Yes you do. Lumber Jacks burn up a lot of calories so they need to eat a lot of food to keep them healthy. This is not the place to go if you are on a diet but it is fun to come and enjoy a day off your diet.

At Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty you get meat, potatoes, bread, apple pie and great big donuts along with other items. I went on my birthday and they gave me a button that says “I ate at Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty.” I had a good birthday and a souvenir to remember my day.

Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty in Minocqua, Wisconsin is a great place to go if you are dining alone or with a big group. You do not need a reservation since they are ready for a big party anytime. This is a unique dining experience that gives you a feel of what life was like for lumber jacks in northern Wisconsin. If you would like to know more about Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty you can go to…

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Five Ways to Put an End to Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block is an Occupational Hazard for Authors, but it Can Be Remedied!

Writer’s block occurs when writers are stuck in the middle of their manuscripts or can’t find inspiration to write about new ideas. Writer’s block generates the feeling of being mired in creative quicksand. Writer’s block is one of the biggest crosses that virtually all writers have to endure in varying degrees of fashion at least once during their careers. This condition can be remedied if you will apply the tips I have implemented to navigate myself out of this:

Research Markets: I strive to follow this rule: “If I am not writing, then I need to be researching markets, and if I am not researching markets, then I had better be writing.” Oftentimes, I come across new ideas to write about because I spend some time daily checking the market listings of newsletters and databases. The way editors craft their market listings varies from publication to publication, so you will eventually come upon a market listing that will reignite your creativity. In addition, you may find a new place to submit one of your unpublished or published works to.

Write at a College Library: If you normally write at home, seek out your closest college library to put an end to that writer’s block. There is an ambiance of creativity and intellectual pursuit in these places of higher learning. Most college libraries allow any local resident the opportunity to use many of their facilities for free. And a writer also gets the benefit of being out and about rather than being all cooped up alone. Being in the midst of others can spawn new ideas just by people-watching.

Listen to Your Favorite Music: Get works from your personal collection and crank it up to your desired decibel level. Don’t listen to the radio, unless you have commercial-free type, because with traditional radio flare, you often have to wait for your favorite tunes to come on while being barraged with endless advertisements and the same current hits being played every two hours. A flow of quality music has this special way of bringing deep emotions to the surface. It is when we tap into our feelings that new ideas and our best writing will emerge.

Take Some Time Off from Writing: Give yourself a break from attempting to produce something. Take a day, weekend, or a longer amount of time off. If you can, leave town for awhile. I come back from my journeys ready to write with a new sense of purpose. One’s writing is best when it is done with interest and from the heart. The writing profession should not imitate the role of Inspector #48 on some assembly line. If it gets to that point, ask yourself why you aren’t solely working in a factory, where the paychecks come a lot easier! Furthermore, apply for all the press trips you can which are in your area or beyond. Going to these events will result in more writing ideas, as well as networking opportunities with other scribes who may even help you find some good tonics for treating writer’s block.

Watch Writing-Themed Movies: When I see my profession showcased on the silver screen, I’m able to identify with the characters portraying writers because they are often going through the positive and not-so positive issues onscreen that I go through in reality. Two of my favorite movies about writing are “Reds”, a three hour-plus epic about writers during the time of the Russian Revolution in the early 1900’s. My other favorite movie with a writing theme is called “The Shining”. This movie, if nothing else, will scare you out of your writer’s block! I mean, you’ll realize what real writer’s block is after you witness Wendy Torrance peeking at her husband’s manuscript that chillingly reads “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, typed over and over, page after page!

When you really think about it, writer’s block has some messages for you: It’s to let go of having to have a new idea in every waking moment; to go out and explore the world around you; and to get into touch with your …

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Freelance Writers: How to Protect Yourself from Unscrupulous Clients

While working on your own as a freelance writer has certain perks, there are also a few drawbacks. When it’s just you, your computer, a high-speed Internet connection and your clients, you open yourself up to potential problems, such as unscrupulous clients who refuse to pay you for your work. Here are a few tips for freelance writers on how to protect yourself from those unscrupulous clients.

Protect Yourself from Unscrupulous Clients: Prepare a Contract

Although a contract doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be paid for your work, it is definitely good insurance. A contract is an agreement between two people-the freelance writer and his or her client-that states the specifics of the project as well as the payment terms and the consequences for non-payment.

Have an attorney create a standard contract for you or talk to other freelance writers who might have a contract template. You can find pre-made contract templates at and (state-specific).

Protect Yourself from Unscrupulous Clients: Be a Good Judge of Character

As a freelance writer, it isn’t your prerogative to accept every client who comes your way. If you’re getting a bad vibe or if you’ve heard negative things about an individual or company, feel free to say “no”. Even if you’re worried about paying the mortgage next month, you won’t be farther ahead to do work for free.

It is also not inappropriate to ask a client for references from previous contractors. Even if they’ve only worked with web designers or virtual assistants, it will give you peace of mind to know that other contractors have been paid in full and on time.

Protect Yourself from Unscrupulous Clients: Be Firm From the Beginning

One thing that I’ve learned during my short tenure as a freelance writer is that you have to be firm from the very beginning or clients will walk all over you. State your terms up front and let the client know that there isn’t any room for negotiation. Don’t let a client talk you down for your price or convince you that your work isn’t worth what you advertise.

That said, don’t be rude or inconsiderate either. Act like the consummate professional that you are and you’ll earn the respect of your clients. Turn in projects when they are do and send prompt invoices to encourage payment on time.

Protect Yourself from Unscrupulous Clients: Don’t Advertise That You’re an Amateur

If you’ve only been freelancing for a few months (or a few weeks!), don’t advertise that fact to potential clients. Instead, behave as though you’ve been freelancing for years. This will discourage clients from trying to get one over on you and will further illustrate that you’re a professional.

Protect Yourself from Unscrupulous Clients: Don’t Start a New Project Until You’ve Been Paid for the First

If you’ve completed a project for a client, wait until you receive the check before starting a new project for that same client. This will ensure that you’ve judged his or her trustworthiness before putting more work and effort into their cause. If you’re sent a check, wait for the payment to clear in your bank before starting a new project; bounced checks are hell on a freelance writer’s income.

Protect Yourself from Unscrupulous Clients: Hire an Attorney

If you’re knee-deep in a dispute with a client, don’t hesitate to contact an attorney for representation. Sometimes just a demand letter written by an attorney will be enough for a client to pay up, but if you are forced to take it farther than that, you will need an experienced attorney to help you through the legal process of collection.

Protect Yourself from Unscrupulous Clients: Don’t Allow Mid-Project Changes

If your client wants to change the scope or content of the project when you’ve already begun work, charge a fee. As a freelance writer, you must remember that you need to be compensated for any work that you perform, regardless of whether the client changes his or her mind. Put that policy in your contract and make sure that your client understands ahead of time.

Freelance writers are taken advantage of every day in America and overseas, but ultimately, it’s up to you to protect …

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Educational Challenge Helps 3 Woburn Schools Raise $40K

How do you calculate ‘success’? Well the students of three Woburn, Massachusetts schools calculate it 30 different ways!

On April 13th , the Hurld Elementary School PTO held a PTO Ideas’ Educational Math Challenge fundraiser that was an enormous success.

Students collected pledges for each correct answer on a 30-question math test. A concept similar to a walk-a-thon; but instead of walking, the kids are learning to earn money for their school.

Over a 7-day period, parent volunteers organized fun, educational, math-related games and challenges to motivate the students and get them ready for the final challenge test this past Wednesday.

The PTO’s goal was around six to seven thousand in order to purchase computer equipment for the school. The students far exceeded that goal and raised over $11,000.

Similarly, in 2008 the Wyman School ran the PTO Ideas’ Educational Challenge as a Spelling Challenge and this 200-student school raised over $13,000. The Linscott-Rumford , also in Woburn, joined in to run the Challenge fundraisers two years in a row resulting in profits of $8,500 and $7,200.

The fundraiser comes from Vicki Blaze of PTO Ideas (, a web-based company in Massachusetts. Blaze started the company in October 2006 and has written the Budget BashesTM series of fundraising ebooks, inlcuding the Educational Challenge and the $5ForKids Campaign.

Word has been spreading across town and across the country about these fundraising books that are helping schools increase their fundraising campaigns by thousands of dollars. Together Blaze’s ebooks have helped these 3 schools alone raise over $40,000.…

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The ‘Race to the Top’ Education Plan

Last month President Obama presented the country’s “Race to the Top” plan to state Governors. It’s an Educational Reform incentive program geared toward getting them jazzed about beefing up their states’ school systems.

In his speech, Obama described students in early learning programs up until senior year of high school, as the potential employees of tomorrow. He emphasized that our schools must churn out kids that are ready to succeed in college, are creative, possess problem solving skills and, who also possess an entrepreneurial spirit. This, he explained is the only way that they’re going to compete for jobs in this global economy.

4 billion dollars of the Recovery Act is aimed at reforming and refining US Education. Rather than handing out the funds, governors will compete for a share. States that turn around schools, employ great teachers, have high performing students will get a piece of the pie.

The way Obama put it, ‘States that outperform the rest, will win and America’s children will be better for it.’ Massachusetts is the only state mentioned as one of the current winners He says it’s not about more tests; it’s about finally getting testing right. Although he talked a lot about factors failure – poverty and racial difference, there was only one off-the-cuff mention about special ed.

Starting this September, Arne Duncan (Education Secretary), Al Sharpton, and Newt Gingrich are touring the country to promote the plan.

See the video on…

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Reservations in the Indian Education System

Almost 50% reservation in various fields of education is degrading the quality of students passing out every year. As a result the quality of education is also deteriorating due to this. Many brilliant students who deserve much better colleges or universities are barred from getting admission due to this reservation. In the present scenario in India there is no discrimination between people of different castes or societies. Every individual in the country gets the same opportunity but still though we talk of equality in society still due to this reservation the government is creating a difference in social status in our society.

Do you think this can help in the development of any nation? The government talks of equality everywhere but still in the educational system, government jobs there is a divide between the different societies in our country. Every year the situation gets worse as the government implements more and more reservation in the educational system. Is there any opportunity that the so called backward classes in the society don’t get? The answer is obviously no. Then why is this discrimination. Due to this the unity, equality and tranquility among the people is getting disturbed. We want a society, nation free from all these discrimination and so I would like all my brothers and sisters to raise their voice against this.…

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Five Kid-Friendly Things to Do in Downtown Seattle

If you’re planning to visit Seattle with the kids, you won’t be disappointed as there are numerous things that are sure to keep the entire family entertained no matter what time of year you arrive.

Pike Place Market 

This market is not only one of the most popular attractions in the city; it’s the oldest continually operating farmers’ market in the U.S., founded over 100 years ago in 1907. It’s also one of the most lively markets, with not only the fresh produce, seafood and flowers you might expect, but a wide range of vendors that sell specialty foods, handcrafted and vintage goods, rare comics and collectibles, and all types of entertainment.

It’s always fun to watch the fishmongers toss their fresh catch of the day, but you’ll find many performers throughout the market including talented musicians (along with the not-so-talented), magicians, balloon-makers, and even a colorful and comedic costumed gorilla playing buckets rather skillfully.

The Great Wheel

One of Seattle’s newest attractions can be found by taking the steep steps down to the waterfront. The Seattle Great Wheel is one of the largest Ferris wheels in the country and offers amazing views of the Puget Sound as well as the Olympic Mountains on the other side. If you happen to arrive on a clear day, towering Mount Rainier may even make an appearance.

Seattle Aquarium

Also along the waterfront, the Seattle Aquarium is home to playful sea otters, adorable harbor seals, fur seals, and the always fascinating Giant Pacific Octopus. Kids will love the chance to get their hands wait and even touch some of the creatures that live in the tide pools along the state’s coastline as well as Puget Sound’s inland sea.

Get out on the water

Getting out on the water is a must while you’re here. A variety of cruises are available right from the Seattle waterfront, including sight-seeing tours of the harbor a well as sunset sails to take in breathtaking views of the city skyline. If you’re on a tight budget, just hopping on the Washington State Ferry to Bainbridge Island is a great way to get some of the same views and maybe even spot a dolphin or whale along the way.

Pacific Science Center 

Just below Seattle’s famed landmark, the Space Needle, the Pacific Science Center provides an opportunity to journey back to the days of the dinosaurs or stroll through lush gardens and brilliantly blooming flowers at the Tropical Butterfly House to watch the colorful insects fly and feed. You can even learn about the universe we live in and delve into unsolved mysteries at the Planetarium.…

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Used Bookstores in Kansas City and Surrounding Areas

Used bookstores aren’t just for the bargain hunters anymore. If you are willing to do some fishing through bookshelves and bins you will be surprised by the hidden gems you find. Who wants a new version of a book when you might be able to find a first edition?


Prospero’s Bookstore – This used bookstore is located on 39th street in Kansas City, MO. It is run by people that adore the written word and will help you with any question you ask. It is in an old building that they are constantly working on. There are 2 floors and they not only have current fiction but they also have nonfiction, classics, and occult books. As a used bookstore goes they are very well organized and have some great titles.

½ Price Books – This is a commercial end used bookstore. And although they are not independently owned and they don’t have the charm of most used bookstores they do have cheap books and a wide selection. They also will purchase books from you as well. They are located in Olathe and Overland Park, Kansas as well as other areas around the city. This is a great store if you like books but aren’t desperately in love with them.

JD Books – This used books store is a small one located in historic Westport. Definitely worth a visit especially due to the area it is located in. However they also carry rare books if you are looking for a true used book treasure. They are a little small but really most independent used bookstores tend to be. They have almost no advertising which means they manage to stay afloat just by the books they sell.

Lasus Used Books – This little independent used bookstore is located in Riverside, MO. They have used books as well as collectibles. The prices for the used books are pretty average for an independent store. The employees are very friendly and willing to dig through their books as well for you.

Anastasia’s Books – This is another charming independent used bookstore. They have rare, uses, and out of print books. They are located in Raytown, MO. What is so great is they will buy your books or even trade them for others within the store. They will also special order books for you even they can locate the title you want.

Really when purchasing any book look into shopping at a used bookstore, not only can you find books for less than regular price but you can also find rare books, and impossible to find novels. Plus you get a charming experience and support a local business.…

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Bette Hagman’s Books About Celiacs and Dietary Restrictions

Why Being Gluten-free and Wheat-free is Necessary for Someone Who is a Celiac – How to Do It, Where To Look for Advice

A gluten-free diet does not need to be just produce, protein or as Bette Hagman would say, “Bananas and Rice”. People on wheat-free and gluten-free diets are able to consume grains such as corn meal, quinoa, rice, millet, as well as soy flour and other bean flours.

Consumers are seeing more labels that say gluten-free or contain warnings about gluten. These labels are not yet on all products, however, are expected to be in the future. These labels are on some products, products that don’t have a warning label usually have contact information to reach the corporate headquarters. A visit to a company’s website as well as toll-free phone calls to the company should give a consumer information about what products a given company manufactures. For the celiac, this important information is what products are wheat-free and gluten-free.

A visit to Albion, the Swan Library, a public library in Orleans County, New York was full of useful books about wheat-free diet options, such as books by Bette Hagman, who has been researching gluten-free products for 25 or more years. Thumbing through a few books by Bette Hagman provided some interesting information about what contains gluten and what does not contain gluten that I did not know previous to this reading.

The author of these cookbooks, Bette Hagman, is a founding member of GIG (Glucose Intolerance Group), is a good author.

I have found that fruit cocktail is also gluten-free. Sugar-free, gluten-free fruit cocktail is sold by Wegman’s, sweetened with fruit juice. Look for labels that say wheat-free and gluten-free on products.

Things to avoid include dextrin, which could be made from wheat, or corn, or rice, or tapioca. Read the label carefully, and if in doubt, contact the manufacturer. 
Malto-dextrin is safe to use, being made from cornstarch. Gluten-free diets allow for corn starch, corn meal, corn, and popcorn.

Watching videos about the gluten-free diet while eating popcorn is a goal of mine. I’ve been thinking about what I read, and am certain that popcorn is a flavorful and excellent thing to do! Popcorn is a surprisingly quick and easy way of making a gluten-free snack food for yourself. There are many flavorings that make popcorn taste an an equally unique variety of ways. Everybody eats popcorn, whether it be cheese-flavored, or garlic-flavored, or onion powder flavored, or paprika flavored, or cinnamon-sugar flavored, or basil/oregano/rosemary flavored, or sun-dried tomato flavored, or thai-peanut sauce flavored, popcorn is something that everybody enjoys eating!

Bette Hagman is an author of cookbooks for gluten-free diets. These diets are also wheat-free.…

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The Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market is a Excellent Resource for Aspiring Artists

The Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market is a must have for aspiring children’s writers. It is a valuable resource for anyone trying to break into the business of writing for children. The Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market is a book that guides you on your quest to writing success.

The Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market gives writers information on how to market and sell their writing. Writing, revising, and editing is a long process. When we finally have the perfect manuscript, we don’t want to waste our time sending our submissions to publishers who are not looking for the kind of story that we have created. The Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market makes it easier by giving the listings, and submission requirements of book and magazine publishers. There is even a section for marketing greeting cards, puzzles, coloring books, and games.

The Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market offers important tips on how to create queries, cover letters, proposals, and how to handle contract negotiations. The Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market also provides information on properly formatting your manuscripts, organizing your office space, and keeping submission records.

I know that when I first started, I was really confused about things like first rights, one time rights, first North American serial rights, second serial rights, foreign rights, and subsidy rights. The Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market makes learning about these things easy, by breaking them down into sections and explaining them.

The subject index is really a plus. If you have a humorous story that you want to submit, simply refer to the subject index to find out exactly which book, and magazine publishers are looking for that genre of work.

The Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market provides sections on writing great children’s stories, listings on workshops, and children’s writing competitions. The Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market offers a list of online resource that may be helpful to children’s writers. If you have questions or doubts on a particular issue pertaining to the business of writing, you can always refer back to the Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market.

The cost of the Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market is minimal, compared to the wealth of viable information that it offers. The book is available at most large chain bookstores for less than thirty dollars.

If you are an aspiring children’s writer and you don’t have the Children’s Writer’s and Illustrators Market, you need to go out and buy it. The book is a great time saver when you are looking for the perfect publisher to market your work.…

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