Just as She’s Improving, Kristy Lee Cook Voted off American Idol

It’s sad, but Kristy Lee Cook was kicked of American Idol this week. How ironic is that? The girl is finally doing a great job. She is improving week-to-week and she is starting to get all the judges to like her.

I guess it’s like they always say, “someone’s got to go.” This week it was Kristy. After last week’s shocker with Michael Johns, nothing would surprise me. I think we are to the point where it doesn’t matter if you are great because pretty much all the contestants left are great. Someone great is going to go each week. Messing up a performance will probably still affect you, but from now on it is down to popularity and who America’s favorites are. If you want your favorite to stay you have to vote because as of right now no one is safe.

I was kind of happy when Simon was saying bad things about Kristy and Brooke White told him, “Hey”, to stick up for her. That was cool. You can tell she is like the protective mama in the group. I feel bad for Kristy though because she was finally starting to get some praise.

The judges were starting to give her good comments and she was probably just really enjoying her self and feeling good about it. It’s not like her not being a good singer was ever the case. It always came down to bad song choice or just not standing out in the bunch. I always thought she was a good singer. I just felt in the beginning she could have left because the others were doing better than her.

I can’t say she really deserve to go this week because she wasn’t the worst, but who was really? Someone has to go and now a lot of them are going to go out on good performances. I guess that is a good way to leave the show though. With a strong performance to leave on at least everyone will remember her more. I think she will be fine. You watch, in a year or so when they are all coming out with albums, she will have a hit country record. And hopefully she will have her horse back.