Indiana’s Education Reform Laws

The Governers Attempt at Public School Reform?

Why are a lot of Indiana teachers protesting in Indianapolis? Governor Mitch Daniels is trying to improve our education system, and by doing that more kids may be attending private schools and yes some teachers will be getting a pay cut. My thoughts are if the teachers are doing a good job as they should be there won’t be a problem. The new laws are designed to reward good teachers and take away from sub standard ones. Now if I was a teacher who does my job and does it well I wouldn’t be worried. On the other hand if I am just teaching to earn my paycheck then I would be worried. Should we fund people who want to send their children to private school? If their school district isn’t getting the job done, then YES we should. As parents we have a right to get the best education we can for our children. If that means upsetting a few teachers and school districts then so be it! I want, No I demand a good education system for my children and I should not have to feel guilty about asking for it. The State of Indiana has a responsibility to the education of the future generation and these teachers who want the process to stay the same can just get over themselves! I sincerely hope that the governor gets this law passed and the sub standard teachers in this state get what they deserve!