How to Encourage a Teenage Driver to Wear a Seat Belt

Although a well known law and regarded as one of the best safety measures that can be taken to protect one’s self while driving in an automobile, many people still have not made buckling up with a seat belt a regular habit. Teenagers can be especially reluctant to use a seat belt since they regard this safety measure as being “uncool” and restrictive. When teen drivers first take to the road, parents have enough to worry about without being anxious that a minor mishap while driving can become an unbearable tragedy due to their child’s refusal to use their seat belt. Read this article to see how you can ensure your teenage driver adheres to this rule each and every time they get behind the wheel.

Always Wear Your Seat Belt. Children learn acceptable behavior from watching their parents. If you buckle up every time you get in the car to go somewhere and refuse to start driving until each and every passenger is buckled up as well, your teen driver will instinctively follow your lead. Bu setting a good and proper example for driving safety, you have already won half the battle.

Make Always Wearing A Seat Belt A Contingency Upon Your Teenager Receiving their Driver’s License. Being extremely clear on the expectations you have on your teenage driver well before they receive that little piece of paper will leave no room for argument. Insist that your teenage driver buckle up while driving and require their passengers to do so as well before you even take them for their driver’s exam. Do not assume that your teenage driver takes this granted. As mature and responsible as parents hope their new teenage drivers are, common sense and basic safety rules can take a backseat during the excitement of becoming a licensed driver. The more times your teen driver gets behind the wheel of a car without wearing their seat belt, the more this unsafe habit takes root.

Be Prepared To Suspend Driving Privileges If Necessary. If you catch your teenage driver driving without a seat belt, issue a stern warning and make sure they know how seriously you take this issue. If the rule is disobeyed again, be prepared to take away the keys for a specific amount of time. Unfortunately, losing the privilege of driving may be the only thing that gets through to your new driver. It is far better to deal with a teenage driver who sulks and complains about having their driving privileges taken away for a week or two, than to pay a visit to your child in the hospital with severe injuries from an auto accident that occurred while they were not wearing their seat belt.

In plain and simple terms, seat belts save lives and are required to be used by law. Failure to use a seat belt while driving can on a small scale result in a traffic ticket, and on a much larger scale cause great physical harm. Show your teen driver how much you love and cherish them by insisting they wear their seat belt each and every time they drive.