DePaul Offers Local Businesses Education Opportunities

Starting and running a small business is not the easiest task to accomplish. That’s why DePaul University partners with the community to help local entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.


The Coleman Entrepreneurship Center in DePaul provides many different opportunities for local business owners. They provide workshops throughout the year, and the also work in tandem with the Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce for additional learning opportunities, such as special events and seminars. There are also regular blog postings on their website, so you can take advantage of the school’s expertise even if you are unable to get away from the business to attend an event.

Opportunities like peer round-table discussions allow business owners a free-flow of thoughts and ideas that help everyone in the group create innovative ways to grow their operation. Seminars and symposiums spotlight success stories with helpful insight on the struggle to get to the top.

DePaul provides a large consumer base for the Lincoln park neighborhood, so it is great that they give back to the community by help in the local businesses achieve greatness. The programs fees and schedules can be found at the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center website, To get more information about the programs that the Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce co-sponsors, visit