Deliver Us from Evil – Book Review

Deliver Us from Evil
Author: David Baldacci
2010: New York, Grand Central Publishing

Deliver Us From Evil was written by bestselling author David Baldacci. Baldacci is best known for suspense and intrigue and Deliver Us from Evil offers both.

Canadian businessman Evan Waller is a man of many secrets who uses his Canadian business as a front for slave and prostitution trafficking. When he dabbles in nuclear weapons deals, Waller captures the attention of Shaw and agent of an unknown U.S. government organization.

Shaw was a lead character in Baldacci’s earlier novel The Whole Truth, but in Deliver Us from Evil neither Shaw nor his organization know the whole truth about Evan Waller. Waller’s deepest, darkest secret has him in the cross-hairs of another clandestine organization whose goal is to hunt down and kill war criminals.

Both Shaw and Regina Campion and her gang from the war crimes group set their sites on Waller when he is vacationing in Provence. Each group, unknown to the other threatens to bungle the objectives of the other. Working for different purposes to nab the same man creates a loophole through which Waller may be able to escape both.

The plot is masterfully creative and full of suspense, typical of Baldacci. Danger lurks with every turn of the page. Baldacci keeps the reader guessing while the two groups scheme to take out Waller.

Don’t be lulled into thinking you can outsmart Baldacci, the plot has plenty of twists and turns that will keep you guessing.

I give Deliver Us from Evil from David Baldacci a four out of five stars and recommend it for those who enjoy thrillers. The characters are intriguing, but the best thing is waiting to see how the two groups, working on the same job from different angles, will act and react once they discover each other.

Grab a copy of Deliver Us from Evil and enjoy the read.