Can a Dream Foretell the Future

Can a dream foretell the future? This question that has been debated throughout the course of history. Today, I submit to you the following: This morning my shoelace broke as I pulled it tight to tie my shoe. As it snapped in two, I immediately recalled that this event had just played out in my dream from the sleep from which I just awoke.

Given these facts, which of the following options seems the most plausible explanation? 

Option One: I noticed four days earlier, when I last wore this pair of shoes, that one lace was weak. My brain then placed this information in its subconscious memory and pulled it out in my dream. 

Option Two: Independent of any conscious effort on my part, my dream from the preceding night that depicted my shoelace breaking in the process of tying my shoe accurately foretold the actual event of my shoelace breaking while I attempted to tie my shoe. 

Option Three: It was pure coincidence. There is no connection between the dream and actual occurrence of my shoelace breaking in my attempt to tie my shoe. 

Option Four: None of the above. Feel free to substitute your own theory.

Again, I ask. Can a dream foretell the future?