Blind Faith

Blind faith is exactly that – BLIND. I do not think that God wants us to believe things just because someone else (including the writers of the Bible or Koran) tells us that they are true. When Mary believed Gabriel she had him in front of her. When Zechariah did not believe Gabriel he also saw him. Moses saw the burning bush and later the face of God. When certain people did not believe God, He dealt with them according to His Will.

We are supposed to worship God in spirit and in truth. Why shouldn’t we all have a personal working relationship with God? The problem is that Satan will also be heard, so we need to learn a few things, which God WILL teach us. No one should believe any Scripture, much less the interpretation of Scripture by a person, without going directly to God.

A Muslim friend said this was not desirable because “everyone will have his own religion”. Great!! We don’t want religion anyway, we want to hear from our Father directly.

Read Romans 13:1-4 and ask yourself if God wants people to obey Hitler, Stalin and the like as though He had instituted these authorities. It is obvious to me that God permits us free will and at other people’s free will can damage and destroy the lives of good God-fearing people. This is another example of wrong statements that are in the Bible which prove that many Christians think must be believed as God’s word. I think that the idea that we must convince others to believe in Christian doctrine to save them from Hell is a wrong belief. God is interested in our actions – not in our thoughts and he will determine if we truly believe in Jesus by our obedience to the commands of Jesus, who told the rich young ruler who wanted to know what he must do to be saved, Obey the Commandments!