Bette Hagman’s Books About Celiacs and Dietary Restrictions

Why Being Gluten-free and Wheat-free is Necessary for Someone Who is a Celiac – How to Do It, Where To Look for Advice

A gluten-free diet does not need to be just produce, protein or as Bette Hagman would say, “Bananas and Rice”. People on wheat-free and gluten-free diets are able to consume grains such as corn meal, quinoa, rice, millet, as well as soy flour and other bean flours.

Consumers are seeing more labels that say gluten-free or contain warnings about gluten. These labels are not yet on all products, however, are expected to be in the future. These labels are on some products, products that don’t have a warning label usually have contact information to reach the corporate headquarters. A visit to a company’s website as well as toll-free phone calls to the company should give a consumer information about what products a given company manufactures. For the celiac, this important information is what products are wheat-free and gluten-free.

A visit to Albion, the Swan Library, a public library in Orleans County, New York was full of useful books about wheat-free diet options, such as books by Bette Hagman, who has been researching gluten-free products for 25 or more years. Thumbing through a few books by Bette Hagman provided some interesting information about what contains gluten and what does not contain gluten that I did not know previous to this reading.

The author of these cookbooks, Bette Hagman, is a founding member of GIG (Glucose Intolerance Group), is a good author.

I have found that fruit cocktail is also gluten-free. Sugar-free, gluten-free fruit cocktail is sold by Wegman’s, sweetened with fruit juice. Look for labels that say wheat-free and gluten-free on products.

Things to avoid include dextrin, which could be made from wheat, or corn, or rice, or tapioca. Read the label carefully, and if in doubt, contact the manufacturer. 
Malto-dextrin is safe to use, being made from cornstarch. Gluten-free diets allow for corn starch, corn meal, corn, and popcorn.

Watching videos about the gluten-free diet while eating popcorn is a goal of mine. I’ve been thinking about what I read, and am certain that popcorn is a flavorful and excellent thing to do! Popcorn is a surprisingly quick and easy way of making a gluten-free snack food for yourself. There are many flavorings that make popcorn taste an an equally unique variety of ways. Everybody eats popcorn, whether it be cheese-flavored, or garlic-flavored, or onion powder flavored, or paprika flavored, or cinnamon-sugar flavored, or basil/oregano/rosemary flavored, or sun-dried tomato flavored, or thai-peanut sauce flavored, popcorn is something that everybody enjoys eating!

Bette Hagman is an author of cookbooks for gluten-free diets. These diets are also wheat-free.