Beauty Secrets of Juliette Binoche and Other French Women

Most of us can agree that French women like Juliette Binoche have a certain “ooh la la” about them which invariably garners a lot of attention. Perhaps it is their skin, perhaps it is their posture, but French women seem somehow sexier than many of their American counterparts while still maintaining a very natural allure. How can those of us on this side of the ocean get some of the French oomph for ourselves? Read on for some stunningly simple tips that can help reinvigorate your look.

1. Restorative Powers of Massage: Juliette’s life can be hectic since she is currently raising two children and pursuing a continent-spanning acting and modeling career. In a recent interview with Town and Country magazine, she credits massages, most notably Shiatsu, as one of the ways that she is able to keep herself balanced and healthy. Her recommended masseuse: “Su-Man Hsu, a fantastic London-based masseuse who comes often to Paris.” $197/hour.

2. Power of Proper Posture: Your mom wasn’t lying when she urged you to stand up straight and pay attention to your posture in order to enhance your natural beauty. Juliette Binoche’s stature and figure are lovely but it is the queenly way she carries herself that make her even more appealing and sexy. Fortunately, this is a free and easy beauty tip with no products to buy.

3. Pay Attention to Your Skin: Juliette’s glowing, dewy alabaster skin has been described by some fans as “otherworldly”. She protects her skin with regular facials and touts Lancome’s new anti-aging skincare line as being an effective way to nourish and reinvigorate skin. As a general rule, many French women believe in moisturizing their skin regularly and vigorously and Juliette is no exception. Renergie Cream- Anti-Aging Moisturizer by Lancome ($80 for 1.7 oz.).

4. Smooth and Protect Your Hair: Juliette’s signature haircut is short, layered, and softly waved. It is never frizzy or out of control. Mario Russo, of Salon Mario Russo in Boston, suggests finishing a blow-out with a dab of your favorite hair cream to smooth frizz and add a bit of shine. Lancome Nutrix Royal Body Deeply Repairing-Nourishing Body Cream ($34.00).

5. Always Allow Your Natural Beauty to Shine Through: According to a beauty expert at PopSugar, French women like Binoche tend to favor a bit more of a natural and less “done” make-up technique than many of their American equivalents. This means choosing a light gloss over matte lipstick and liner, light blush (if any at all), perhaps a dab of foundation to moisturize and add a creamy finish, but rarely the full palette of lipstick/eyes/blush. One of Juliette’s favorite products: Smith’s Rosebud Salve ($6)