Beauty and Performance: My 1998 Cadillac Seville SLS

My 1998 Cadillac Seville SLS had less than 41,000 miles and was in near mint condition when I took it for a test drive in July of 2010. The vehicle had sat on the used car lot for weeks because its age was repelling customers. Consequently, I acquired this beautiful car for a bargain price.

The Seville surpasses all of my other vehicles because of its performance in the following categories: handling, fuel efficiency, comfort, and style.


The Seville is driven frequently on winding and hilly roads. This vehicle handles these roads agilely and smoothly, even in the rain. The 279 cubic inch Northstar V8 engine provides plenty of power for climbing hills, as well as for merging into high-speed traffic. Responsive steering and powerful acceleration makes evading danger easy when necessary.

Fuel efficiency:

The car attains an impressive 26 miles per gallon on the open road, a notable performance for a luxury car sporting a V8 engine. Although my four-cylinder, 1995 Honda Civic achieved 30 MPG on the highway, it obviously lacked the power and acceleration of the Seville. Losing 4 MPG was inconsequential.

One drawback is the requirement of mid-grade fuel in the Seville. Low octane fuels cause engine knocking in this vehicle, especially in cold weather.


The luxurious black leather seats are well padded, and they prevent fatigue even on long trips. Height, tilt, lumbar support, and headrest adjustments allow the seats to be customized for nearly any driver. Although my car does not feature the optional heated seats, this is no inconvenience in Texas.

The design of the vehicle maximizes cabin space. The back seat offers sufficient legroom for tall persons, even with the front seats moved back.


Modern Cadillac sedans are sporty, angular, and compact. This appearance belies Cadillac’s reputation for large, roomy sedans and coupes. The 1998 Sevilles predate this change in design. They are not compact, but they are not unwieldy either.

The 1998 models look classic, not old. Their moderate size, refined body, attractive grille, and sleek headlamps coordinate to create a car that is conservative, yet striking, in form. The black exterior further enhances the regal appearance.

My 1998 Seville is the finest car I have ever driven. In addition to the aforementioned attributes, it has been very reliable and has only required routine maintenance. This vehicle lives up to Cadillac’s reputation for luxury, power, comfort and quality.