American Idol Winner David Cook Snags Another Prize

So I didn’t watch the two plus hour American Idol finale, I admit it. I don’t particularly like watching people butcher songs that were made popular by the people that were meant to sing them, and Paula, Simon, and Ryan Seacrest just really get on my nerves.


That being said, I really find America’s obsession with this show rather amusing. It’s interesting that the pseudo-celebrity American Idol winners always get so much publicity right after they win and America cares so much about their personal lives, but then the next season of American Idol comes along. Then the winner gets on with their seemingly boring life, if the tabloid coverage of the past American Idol winners is evident of their lifestyles. I guess they just don’t have great publicists like Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears and all of the other tabloid darlings that can always be found hanging out around the checkout lines at grocery stores tempting you to peek inside to see what kind of huge mistake they’ve made this time or how horrible they look without makeup.

David Cook is at least making somewhat of an effort to keep his name in the headlines, by going on a date with ex-Idol contestant Kimberly Caldwell. Judging from his remark “We’ll probably hang out again”, it sounds like this relationship is really going to last. No girl wants to hear a guy say they want to “hang out” with her. That usually means they want to have sex as soon as possible and move on, which is exactly what Cook will do.

There are plenty of bigger, better babes he can bang out there, and he better do it while he’s still got all the attention from winning American Idol. If he waits too long, all the Jessicas and Britneys and Jennifer Anistons will find someone else who’s more tabloid-worthy. Kimberly Caldwell better milk this for all its worth before David starts thinking of all of the hypothetical attention-grabbing situations he could get into with single twenty-something celebs, whose relationships seem to get shorter and shorter as they get older. It seems that, when it comes to dating in Hollywood, the women have become just as bad as the men about having sex with as many famous guys as possible. I guess it’s just the culture that Sex in the City has created.

So enjoy getting laid, David Cook. Even when your celebrity status wears off somewhat with the coming of the next American Idol, you’ll still be able to get yourself plenty of groupies, or perhaps Britney Spears (maybe even her sister). Enjoy your prize.