American Idol Mariah Carey Week: Kristy Lee Cook Says Goodbye

The results are in on American Idol and it looks like Kristy Lee Cook is headed back home to Oregon. American Idol producers tried to throw the audience for a loop by making Kristy Lee Cook and Brooke White stand in the same group as David Cook, well known Idol fan favorite. When he was asked to switch places with Syesha is was apparent that Kristy Lee Cook or Brooke White would be headed home this week. Brooke White caught a lucky break as she continues on American Idol. Kristy Lee Cook in the meantime bid a tearful farewell.

American Idol voters have finally gotten it right this week. While I believe that Brooke White’s performance was the worst of the night I am not complaining over the voter’s choice to send Kristy Lee Cook home instead. Kristy Lee Cook has overstayed her welcome on American Idol and she was due to leave the show, as Simon predicted before the final results. Brooke White seemed to know that she wouldn’t go home by her signature “feel sorry for poor innocent me” sad puppy dog face. So just what happened to make Kristy Lee Cook the least voted for American Idol contestant this week?

While Kristy Lee Cook can do a fair enough job singing country she lacks that “wow” factor. Tuesday night on American Idol her performance lacked any character and appeared more like a performance you would expect at a karaoke bar. But, talent isn’t the only thing that did her in. Personality is everything when you are involved with any type of reality show. When Kristy Lee Cook spoke after her performances on American Idol she was often disrespectful towards Simon and she has a weird annoying, well laugh I guess you’d call it, which grated on my nerves and I am sure on other viewers as well.

It’s the end of the road for Kristy Lee Cook as far as American Idol is concerned and it couldn’t have come soon enough. American Idol is a show based on singing talent and personality both of which Kristy Lee ultimately lacked. Be sure to stay tuned next week as Brooke White will likely give her last performance on American Idol.