After Innocent Rendition, Will David Cook Become the Next American Idol?

Will David Cook become the next American Idol? This is a question burning in the minds of many American Idol fans. For me, the answer is simple…David Cook should be the next American Idol.

This week, American Idol’s resident rocker, David Cook, took on the song “Innocent” by the alternative rock band, Our Lady Peace. I’ve been a strong fan of David’s from the beginning of this season, so it’s with reluctance that I admit my disappointment with his song choice. Please don’t get me wrong. It’s an excellent song with inspiring lyrics, which is probably the reason David chose the song. I just don’t believe this arrangement of “Innocent” properly showcased David Cook’s amazing talent and vocal range.

The weakness in this performance for David Cook was primarily due to the large part of the song being sung in his lower register. In my opinion, his voice is most powerful and compelling when he’s belting out the higher notes. Overall, this was not David Cook’s best performance but I don’t believe it will deter his devoted American Idol fans from continuing to support him. Week after week, David Cook has brought a unique, rock edge to the American Idol stage. He has been a consistently strong performer and commanding stage presence throughout this season of American Idol and deserves to make it into the finale.

What other American Idols have the potential to rival David Cook in the finale? In my opinion, the top three American Idol contestants this year will be David Cook, David Archuleta, and Michael Johns.

First, let’s look at young David Archuleta. I agree that he is an extremely talented singer but I find his performances to be kind of boring, at times. If David Archuleta wants to win this competition, he needs to bring more excitement to his performances. If America chooses the next American Idol based on cuteness and sweet personality, then yes, David Archuleta has a huge chance.

Now, let’s examine Michael Johns. Another early favorite of mine, Michael Johns has the potential to be an incredible performer. He has a strong and remarkable bluesy sounding voice. I think the main struggle for Michael Johns in the American Idol competition has been choosing the correct songs to maximize his voice. If, or when, he finds the perfect song, Michael Johns has the power to completely blow the American Idol fans and judges away.

So, let me say it again. I believe David Cook should be the next American Idol. Come on America; let’s get it right this time. Don’t let this be another mistaken and shocking elimination like with Chris Daughtry!