Also known as developmental editing, content editing, or “story doctoring,” manuscript critique is a critical part of the process of preparing a manuscript for potential publication. Your critique circle partners may lack the expertise, time, or objectivity to give you the kind of feedback you need. If so, you may want someone like me to take a look at it, to kick the tires hard before you submit or publish, someone with a shelf full of award-winning books and a decade of experience critiquing content.

The Service:

I read your full manuscript and compile feedback in an extensive editorial letter plus some comments in the margins and occasionally end notes after chapters. The comments in the margins are usually specific to that page, whereas the end notes summarize feedback for the whole chapter and the letter for the whole book. Feedback is given on a range of issues, as needed: pacing; flow of narrative; transitions; voice; plot; structure; dialogue; character development; audience; potential market. This service does NOT include line-edits made directly into the manuscript via track changes.

The Price: 

Reading fee + $549. My reading fee is $2.30 per manuscript page. A “manuscript page” is defined as double-spaced with Times New Roman size 12 font.

The Process: 

I take a small fraction of the the manuscript critique requests I receive, so contact me early, and only if you write something other than erotica, science fiction, fantasy, or children’s books. Requests to book a manuscript critique should be made to pamela at pamelahutchins dot com. Please send me a ONE PAGE synopsis (single-spaced Time New Roman size 12 font, Word Doc), genre, word count, publication credits and/or writing education/experience, and ten-page excerpt (double-spaced with Times New Roman size 12 font, Word Doc). <–If you can’t figure out what I want from that description, then don’t send me a request.

I will get back to you within five business days with a yes or no.

The (unfortunately necessary) Addendum:

I am only one writer, and I write two books per year myself, so my time is limited and I must say no far more than I say yes. Please remember that this industry is small. If I am not able to help you, I may be able to refer you to someone else who can. Or not, depending on the tone of our interactions.

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