Winners, we have winners from last week’s giveaway! Congratulations! They’ve received an email about an audio copy of Earth to Emily (Emily #2), narrated by the fabulous Tracy Hundley. I’ll be running giveaways the last Friday of each month, so watch for your chance to win again in a few weeks. (And you can always score the free Saving Grace and Puppalicious and Beyond e-books. See instructions, HERE). At the bottom of this blog, check out some BIG NEWS about Hell to Pay (Emily #3).

So now on with the show . . . This month is all about Ava, sidekick of Katie in the Katie & Annalise books, and now  featured in Earth to Emily as well. 

Pamela: Ava, Ava, Ava. So good to see you, although a bit of a surprise in West Texas.

Ava: I more surprised than you, for true.

Pamela: What did you think of Amarillo?

Ava: I freeze my bana.

Pamela (laughing): She means “tush,” for those of you who haven’t traveled to the islands. Maybe if you wore more clothing, Ava?

Ava (snorts): Next question.

Pamela: You weren’t in Amarillo long, though, were you?

Ava: Nah. My gig in Amarillo snow out, so I ride with Jack and Emily to New Mexico.

Pamela: Oh, I’ve heard about you in New Mexico.

Ava (winks): Yah mon.

Pamela: So, you’re pretty hip. Give us some entertainment recommendations.

Ava: A book about a talented sexy Virgin Islands singer be entertaining.

Pamela: Oh, it’s coming, for sure, it’s coming.

Ava: When?

Pamela: I wouldn’t be surprised if your story starts coming out before the end of 2016.

Ava: Well, until then, I reading a great book I heard about in Amarillo. Pennies from Burger Heaven. It by a local girl, I t’ink. Marcy McKay.

Pamela: I’m especially interested in your music recommendations, since you’re a professional.

Ava: Keeping it old school, I go with I Try by Macy Gray and Can I Walk With You by India Arie. A little Sade and Rihanna nice, too, bringing in some Caribbean flavor.

Pamela: I love Umbrella.

Ava: Love the Way You Lie with Eminem light me up.

Pamela: And when you’re not reading or involved with music?

Ava: Uh, well, I not usually into movies, but I watch The Mechanic last night. Jason Statham not a man I’d kick out of bed.

Pamela: Speaking of which, who got you to watch an action flick?

Ava (inspects her nails): That classified.

Tune in next week for what’s cooking at Ava’s place. Meanwhile, if you have entertainment tips for Ava or a suggestion on the actor to play her in a movie, comment below.

Also, you can now pre-order the e-book of Hell to Pay (Emily #3), HERE. Yippee!! And you can BUY the incredibly low-priced Murder, They Wrote e-book, HERE, which contains Pennies from Burger Heaven by Marcy McKay, The Closing by Ken Oder, and Deadly Thyme by R.L. Nolen in addition to my Saving Grace and Leaving Annalise. You can’t get the three books by the other authors separately for less than $10 bucks, and the whole five-novel collection is only $7.99!!



MTW ebook cover final

I’m off to Palm Springs to speak to the Writers Guild there, and to hike with my hunky husband, since it’s our anniversary.


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4 Responses to It’s all about Ava.

  1. Alice Kay Huston (Kay) says:

    I see anything with your name attached and I am in for reading it and it always ends way too fast. Keep on writing and sending the emails. I read it all!

    Thanks for sharing your talent. I am a photographer, but wish I could write like you. I am putting a chilerens book together featuring the ducks, geese, and pony’s we raise, with our 3 youngest grandchildren, Imagine physical therapy on a duck with a pop sickle stick for a broken leg, self adhesive bandage and three grand kids helping.

    I have been waiting for” Hell to Pay'” I am excited to get it and start reading.

  2. Vidya Sury says:

    I love that Ava! I so enjoyed this conversation! Looking forward to reading Hell to Pay, Pamela!

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