Recently I had the honor of keynoting the first ever Indiepalooza writers conference for writers considering a non-traditional path for publication.



With friends and fellow writers Patricia Flaherty Pagan (Spider Road Press) and Fernanda Brady (Inklings Publishing).


Attendee and writer Manning Wolfe from Austin.


HWG royalty Fernanda Brady, CEO, Denise Satterfield, CFO, and Rebecca Nolen, President (also a SkipJack Publishing author).


It was a full house. Pictured in the foreground is Kathy Murphy of the Pulpwood Queens Book Club. We <3 Kathy!


Me, yapping.

Dixie went for a pedicure this week. She didn’t like it. I wouldn’t have either!

how a cow gets a pedicure dixie

Eric and I regularly debate the height to hang pictures. He thinks I hang them too low, so this is how he hung the wonderful art deco peacock painted on a spool by Austin artist Stephanie Jarvis of Steplee Style. Isn’t he hilarious??

eric joke

But when he hung it the right height, look what showed through the hole in the spool? :-) Putty job ahead!

who is laughing now buddy

I found a new writing spot in one of our unfenced pastures and brought Dixie to help mow it. I call this picture “take your cow to work day.” Unfortunately, it started raining and work ended. But my husband set up a screened tent for me, and I now have a cool spot. I’ll show you next week.

Photo on 9-28-15 at 9.59 AM #2

Also, our youngest showed up for a surprise Monday visit and so I scrapped work altogether to spend time with her.


We had a great time. <3

And Eric bought me this at White Linen Night at Flown the Coop in Burton during Warrenton-Roundtop antique week:


Ha ha, Eric. 😉

Finally, I am frustrated to report that I fell another week behind on Hell to Pay. Life. How does it keep getting in my way, in the best possible ways? The good news is that there is “fat” in my schedule, and I’ll be fine. Breathe, Pamela, breathe, ha ha. And also more good ideas came to me during my down time. That always happens when I allow my brain to decompress. So it’s for the best. Really.

That’s all I’ve got.


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7 Responses to Indiepalooza Awesomeness

  1. Taken from a quote by Jacob Nordby – I always loved that quote – and it is a compliment!! If you are strange, you are an inspire-er!!

    “Blessed are the weird people:
    poets, misfits, writers
    mystics, painters, troubadours
    for they teach us to see the world through different eyes.”
    ― Jacob Nordby, Pearls of Wisdom: 30 Inspirational Ideas to live your best life now

    • p.s. Can’t wait to see your new writing place – I bet it’s AWESOME. I love sitting on the porch watching the cows do their thing. Who thought they’d be so entertaining? And peaceful? And funny??

  2. Pamela says:

    Cows are awesome and peaceful, until you let them out of their pasture and they take off at like a million miles per hour because even though they’re slow movers, they have four long legs, and then they don’t want to be haltered because they see the neighbor’s cows in the next pasture and start trying to tear the fence down. That may have happened at our place yesterday. :-)

  3. Eric Hutchins says:

    What a great week, conference was excellent, we are really getting settled into our place. Life is very very good.

  4. Jim Cole says:

    You made a believer in me at the Indiepalooza. Bought ‘Looser’ right away. Working my way thru. Have signed up for Tuesday. See you there.

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