What a fun day with the Wharton Book Review Club in tiny Wharton, Texas! They have been continuously in existence for more than fifty years, one hour from the center of Houston. They meet monthly six months out of the year, and they make their meetings a big deal. The paper ran an announcement of the event, even.

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With Author Pamela F. Hutchins (2015)

I love small towns.

Originally, my invite came from the Wharton County Library Director, Elene Gedevani, MLS, MA, a delightful woman driven by a real passion for literacy who directs the four libraries in Wharton County. She even bakes Eastern European delicacies for the monthly meetings of the Book Review club, and she runs adult and child literacy programs each summer, largely funded out of the generosity of her husband and herself.

The WBRC especially enjoys bringing in authors for their programs, and I am so grateful they hosted me. I talked to the group about my journey—literally—as a writer, and on the road in the Bookmobile. Some of those stories get funnier as time passes, as they weren’t all that funny at the time they happened 😉

Book clubs are my favorite author activities. Don’t hesitate to ask me to yours. If I can’t appear in person, I can always connect to a group via Skype.

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4 Responses to Wharton the world is happening? Book review club, that’s what.

  1. Eric Hutchins says:

    It has always been the most rewarding events for you (Small town Libraries and Book Clubs). The people are so nice and CARE about being there and care about what you have to say. I love to see you in action in those situations as the audience warms up to you and sees that you want to be there as well and you care about delivering something fun and worthwhile.

  2. I’m loving this new (ish) haircut you’ve got going on – it really looks good on you! I’m sure you had a wonderful time at the book club because they are “for” you – not against you!! Tell us about it sometime!

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