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Whew! It’s a big day at our house as I manage and celebrate the release of Heaven to Betsy. The advance reviews are pouring in, see above for a taste.

A big woot about Kindle Nation Daily: “Sandra Brown and Janet Evanovich fans, today’s new release qualifies as be a 5-star discovery!”

Thanks to James Moushon and HBS Mystery Reader’s Circle for spotlighting Heaven to Betsy and me today. Check it out, here:

Also, thanks to Amy Metz of A Blue Million Books. She’s running an interview with Emily today. If you want to see what the star of Heaven to Betsy has to say, check that post out here:

Pre-orders were big for this one, and here’s hoping people all over the world are enjoying the e-book version right now.

That’s all I’ve got.


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4 Responses to H2B Release Day!

  1. Eric Hutchins says:

    It is incredible to think back (at this release) just how far you have come as a writer and author, and at being able to reach to your fan base. It is also incredible to think about how that has grown. You have a wonderful group of supporters and your growth is now organic. What a ride it is. Congratulations Pamela, you have really done an amazing thing. (and are continuing to :) as I get to read Emily #2 drafts.

  2. I loved, loved, loved H2B! It was your best book yet. Engrossing, fast-paced and I was so sorry when it ended because I want more, more, more! I love how Eric still reads your posts, too. It surprises me how many men don’t support their honey’s blogs – or even read them. You and I have two of the BEST!

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