Don’t hate Eric just because he can’t remember to take pictures. Because he can’t. We had a lovely, small book event at the Mount Hood Village RV Resort’s onsite restaurant, The Dragonfly Cafe. There we chatted books with Jeanne and Rori, and met a couple of RV guests as well. Rori is the owner, and she was a Hell’s Angel for 27 years before she became a baker of wonderful things and runner of a cafe. We were set up at a table with a lovely cross-breeze and had great wifi. Only we have no pictures to prove any of it.

Our events vary so widely it’s hard to say there’s any prototype: we’ve had events at our campsite (low key, people dropping by to chat), at cafes like this one, at libraries and coffee shops, and on the back porches of RV headquarters. The sizes range from one person to 30. Book sales from one to 50. The commonality is that we meet really interesting, nice people, like the accountant from Southern California who really, really wanted to know how the book industry worked. Or the woman who worked in an indie bookstore her whole adult life, until it fell victim to technology.

After our event, we drove to the Oregon coast, or nearly there: Astoria, at the Columbia River outlet into the Pacific. We crossed the Columbia River four or five times on the way, in and out of Washington and Oregon. We spent a couple of blissful hours there walking around downtown and on the part of the town built out over the river. That section was much larger until 1922 when most of it burned down. Anyway, it’s a gorgeous little town, and we highly recommend it, especially Lucy’s Books and The Rusty Cup coffee shop.



^^ The Bookmobile hard at work on the streets of Astoria, with the Columbia River in the background. We made it to our campsite at Mount Ranier before 10 pm. Even in the dark we could tell our camp neighbor was quite a character.


He had a beautiful dog, though.

That’s all I’ve got,



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3 Responses to Redneck Writer Road Report #10: HAstoria

  1. Eric Hutchins says:

    The breeze coming through the Dragonfly Cafe was so nice, it was such a peaceful place. And I LOVED Astoria, Loved the waterfront and the smell of the ocean. Would have liked to stay longer but….. What came next was one of the highlights of the trip so far so…. we made a good decision.

  2. OK adding Astoria to my road trip list of stops! Would have loved pix of the cafe. Eric, Eric, Eric. You and Clark Kent have camera phobia???

    • Pamela says:

      Eric hasn’t pulled a sandwich out of his pocket but in all other ways has been Clark Kent like about his picture taking (or “not taking”).

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