Sisters, Oregon may gone as our best event day on the road this summer. It will be hard to top.

We were hosted by Sisters Coffee Company, a two-story log coffee house started in a shack 100 years ago. It’s a local favorite, but this week it’s also the hangout of people in town for the annual Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. Hordes of woman had flocked to Sisters Coffee to eat and imbibe, and it turned out that a fair number of those women love reading second only to quilting. Eric thinks our gas mileage will improve by 10% based on the number of books the quilters took off our hands.


It was the staff of the shop that made our day, though. This was the happiest, friendliest, most helpful ¬†group we’ve encountered this summer, and that’s saying a lot, because everyone had been nice. Of special note were Tracie and Jan (see above). Tracie took care of us on short notice, and, when we were in a remote area and couldn’t get posters to her in time, she went and had them made herself. Jan helped us engage customers and employees. Her smile lights up the room.

After our event, we replaced all that books weight in the Bookmobile with food from a natural grocer in town. We were low on everything, and, when you’re on a 2/3-liquid “cleanse” diet, you can’t buy just anything just anywhere, so this was a godsend. Oregon blackberries! Hazelnut butter! Fresh homemade hummus! Stevia-sweetened soft drinks!

We spent a quiet evening at our Taj Mahal-like RV park. I picked blackberry seeds out of my teeth all night, and Eric licked hazelnut butter off a spoon. We had planned mini-golf, but we couldn’t find the clubs, so we swam, hot tubbed, took a walk, and visited the petting zoo. No, I’m not kidding. Our RV park really had a petting zoo and mini golf course. It also had bathrooms fit for a spa, and water so good the employees bottle it and take it home. Best of all, though, it had a so-close-you-can-almost-touch-them view of the Three Sisters Peaks covered in snow.




Mount Hood is next on our agenda.

That’s all I’ve got.



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4 Responses to Redneck Writer Road Report #8: Three Sisters

  1. Eric Hutchins says:

    Each day has been special and precious but this one was hard to top. I really did love the Sisters Coffee shop and the people there. I cannot remember a place were you did an event, that I felt more welcomed and comfortable. It was hard to put Sisters in the rear view mirror.

  2. This place sounds amazing! Will have to put it on my vacation spot “must see and stop”! I really can tell a huge difference between this tour and last years!

    • Pamela says:

      Yeah, this one has a lot more intended downtime, but also a lot more driving. Having a lot more Eric balances those two things out. Also, a lot less Barnes and Nobles helps tons.

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