Eric (in bathroom): I’m having a holy shit moment.
Me: silent. Because really, what can I say?
Eric: I’m reading IBPA magazine (Independent Book Publishers Association), and I read this awesome quote about print-on-demand (POD), and guess who it’s from?
Me: Eric Hutchins.
Eric: Yes! With a graphic of Finding Harmony.
Me: Now who’s the rock star, baby (because he’s always calling me his rock star every time I get good press)?
Eric: I think it’s pretty nice, although it starts out a little strong.
Me (cringing, because my husband holds nothing back, and he is a warrior) Describe nice.
Eric: Well I said “There is widespread ignorance about…”
Me: Hold up. That’s nice? (laughing)
Eric: Well, it’s true. Do you want to read it?
Me: I’m too scared of what the rest of it says . . .
Eric: That’s probably for the best.

So Check out this month’s IBPA magazine, and catch my rock star husband taking no prisoners on the issue of POD. Go Eric Hutchins!

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3 Responses to Having a Holy Sh#t Moment

  1. Tracie says:

    This is very awesome.

    Now y’all can be a rockstar couple (not that you weren’t already – this just makes it a new level of official).

  2. Eric Hutchins says:

    I am still Laughing about this. I guess that teaches me to be a little more carefully when I am filling out Random Surveys. :) Actually I do remember the survey well and it is something that we deal with all the time and is SO frustrating. I am just glad I didn’t swear!!

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