A huge thank you to the Houston Press for including on their list of the Top 10 Authors in Houston!!!

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 7.18.52 AM


I really am blown away by this. I had nominated NYT-bestselling novelist C.C. Hunter (aka Christie Craig), so I am disappointed she isn’t on the list, but other than that I am ecstatic.

Now, if you’re looking for a book to pre-order, why don’t you make it Going for Kona, by one of the top 10 authors in the 4th largest city in the US?


That’s all I’ve got.


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2 Responses to I <3 the Houston Press

  1. Eric Hutchins says:

    It is incredible how far you have come in so little time (relatively speaking) I know it does not feel that way some times considering how hard you work but… it really is incredible when you think about.

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