I don’t know where to start. Lots of newsy news this week. Some fun news. Some not-so-fun. I think I’ll start with newsy news.


Newsy News

1. It’s here! It’s time! The TIDES OF POSSIBILITIES SciFi Anthology, a joint Houston Writers Guild/SkipJack Publishing nonprofit venture, is up on KickStarter. You won’t BELIEVE the freebies you get with tiny pledges, as small as $5.00. Love SciFi? Love supporting tomorrow’s hot authors? Well, then, you’ll get a lot of joy out of your small contribution to this one.


2. OK, I’ll keep this to a dull roar, or maybe a piercing scream, one time: Finding Harmony just broke to the next round of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award . . . YAY!!!! Haven’t reviewed it yet? Well, more reviews HELP and . . . if you do, you’re one step closer to a free mug or tote! Use this review tracker to log your reviews and send it in to me when you’re done, at pamela at pamelahutchins dot com .



3. Want to support the cause and buy the swag instead? OK, OK, you can. :-) Click HERE. They make great Mother’s Day gifts, stuffed with books, of course.

4. Are you a writer? Well then, I’ve got fantastic news for you. We are offering a free agent or editor pitch OR a free editor manuscript consult if you register/pay for the Houston Writers Guild Annual Conference by April 5! If you sign up for 2 of 3 of the workshops (Pitch March 29, Revision April 11, and Author Platform April 13), we’ll throw in another pitch or consult. Hurry, freebies time slots last only. Here’s the link for all the great scoop on the event, featuring a keynote speech from the projected winner of the 2015 Newberry award for Middle Grade writers, Nikki Loftin (see cover below): http://houstonwritersguild.org/annual-conference/.



Yuck News

Kidney stone. Eric out of the country. Teenagers as caregivers. Prayers accepted!



Fun News!

1. Merrill Lynch client lunch, College Station: When Sabrina Rhodes of the Turning Point Book Club realized I was coming to College Station, she invited me to entertain her clients at lunch. They ended up entertaining me as well. What fun! Here are Sabrina and her co-worker Laura, post lunch.



p.s. The weather was so gorgeous that the Legends Club threw open our french door to let the Spring time in. And I saw tons of bluebonnets and spring wildflowers on my drive.

2. The Turning Point Book Club, College Station:

Ah, now, this was a treat. If I could dream up the perfect group to spend an evening with, it would be readers in a group big enough to be dynamic but small enough for a true exchange. This. I would dream up this group. I had a great time.



Siberia News (b/c some of you are very, very into this ;-))

Eric’s trek so far:

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 9.15.47 PM

So, he started with a layover in Khabarovsk (A), drove 6 hours north to Komsolmosk (the locations the mapping won’t find aren’t annotated) which was 16 hours time difference from me, returned to Khabarovsk and flew to Irkutsk (B), then drove 1.5 hours south to Angarsk (not annotated) and 14 hours time difference, then returned to Irkutsk and flew to Krasnoyarsk (C) and drove 2 hours west to Achinsk (not annotated) and 13 hours time difference. Next Saturday he returns to Krasnoyarsk and flies to Moscow to drive back southeast 2 hours to Samara (the city that was added, extending his trip to five weeks, alone *sigh*), and he’ll be 9 hours ahead of me. He’ll finally return to Moscow on April 5 and fly to PHILADELPHIA on April 6 and HOUSTON on April 7. Yippee!

Here’s a gallery of a “few” of my favorite recent snaps from him (and a bunch of random ones that WordPress insisted on repeating!! Click to enlarge, back to return):



Ending on a long-awaited (and short) funny:

In January, Clark Kent landed an interview for a job with Sam’s Wholesale Club. Eric wanted to send him encouragement, so he texted Clark Kent. He meant to say, “Kick some ass,” in the language of love he and Clark Kent share. What he actually texted?

“Kiss some ass”

But, really, either one works, right? 😉


p.s. Clark got the job, temporarily. But they never put him on the schedule, so he is job hunting again. Anyone in Houston want to hire a super-smart almost-19-year old boy????

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6 Responses to Siberia, SWAG, and Other Sweetness

  1. Love the purple “disco” hotel room — don’t know why, but it just has that vibe to me. I think it’s so cool that he’s taking photos throughout his trip to share with you. Not the same as being there, but it would help me to be able to visualize where my husband was if he had to go on a long trip like that. At least you guys are on the downhill side of the trip — not too much longer now! 😀

  2. Some of those room pix are sort of scary! And stones? OMGosh Leland had them and thought he’d die which is what started the big ACV and water overdosing in our house. He never wanted to go through that again. Ever. Are you able to Skype with большой человек? (the big man) I guess in your sleep, huh? And teenagers as caregivers? Are you still alive? Yes? Well then a miracle – prayers work, wow!

    • Pamela says:

      LOL, yes, teenagers make lackluster caregivers at best. But they’ve kept me alive at least! I’m home from the hospital but it appears the fun will continue for awhile!

  3. Eric says:

    Nan I am impressed! Where did you get that keyboard. Loved the post. Our life is now without adventure that is for sure. I wish I was there to hold your hand through the stones procedure though. I feel very very bad about not being there for you.

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