Yes, our little Leaving Annalise just went out to 880,000 BoobkBub subscribers via email, to promote its February 99 cent ebook sale. Eric got his email:

bookbub topbookbub bottom

Isn’t it beautiful?

I’d appreciate any and all prayers and good thoughts today for this little book to skyrocket. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you let your friends know too, as this is truly a very big day and deal for the book.

(Some of you may recall that BookBub propelled Saving Grace to #9 overall on Nook, #34 on Kindle, and #47 on Apple, achieving bona fide bestseller status for all three! And that we made our investment many times over.)



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4 Responses to Holy Leaving Annalise BookBub, Batman!

  1. Eric Hutchins says:

    Book Bub Rocks. Just Sayin!

  2. I’m so excited. I signed up for BookBub email notifications when you intro’d me to them and I like it! Can’t wait to see your book there!!!

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