How about I make your holiday season less expensive by putting all my Amazon paperbacks on sale? And if that’s not enough, note the rock bottom ebook and audio prices :-).

Snag your gift copies here! ( <–& share this link)

Get my paperbacks at all time low prices on Amazon:
>> Bestselling romantic mystery Saving Grace
($7 — #1 in Katie & Annalise series),
>> Award-winner Leaving Annalise ($8 — #2 in series),
>> Uber helpful What Kind of Loser Indie Publishes ($7),
>> Hilarious How to Screw Up Your Kids ($7),
>> Hot Flashes ($6), Clark Kent/Puppalicious/Marriage ($7)!

Ebook prices are also rock bottom ($0.99-$3.99), and audio is only a $1.99 add-on to some of the ebooks. Get the 3-books-for-1 “How to Screw Up Your Family (Kids, Marriage, Pets)” bundle for just $3.99.

You can even *pre-order* the paperback of Finding Harmony, #3 in series (ebook pre-orders on B&N & iTunes

We’re off to freezing-cold Brenham (featured author at the Book Nook during the Brenham Christmas Stroll), Nowheresville, San Antonio for my grandmother’s 90th birthday, then back to Houston for Dixie & Susanne’s first stock show (!) and hosting the Houston Writers Guild Writing Sex: Fantasy v Reality workshop/webinar. Whew! I need my Wheaties.

Finally, if you would like to listen to the the Mr. Mom radio program interview I did over Thanksgiving, check it out here: How to Screw Up Your Kids, the Mr. Mom interview.


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4 Responses to T’is the Season Sale!

  1. It’s beginning to look a lot like… freaking Alaska. We have no water (neighbor’s pipes broke and took out neighborhood). We have ice. We have snow. We have tree branches snapping off, trying to take out the cattle fencing. I LOVE IT! Snow, snow, snow. Alpha Hubby is whining but oh well! I’m off to pre-order and to purchase and send e-books to friends. Be safe, have fun, TAKE PICTURES. Tell Susanne to take many pix for us!

    • Pamela says:

      I love it — we didn’t get snow here, although we did get one night of black ice that doubled the drive time from San Antonio back to Houston, but I’ll save that story for later. Have fun while it lasts!

      • Six days later. I wish this freakin’ ice would disappear and never, ever return. Ever. You can’t make a decent snowball when it’s coated in ice. If I ever say, “Oh I wish it would snow for Christmas” remind me to shut ‘mah mouth! Bless my heart. What WAS I thinking?

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