An adapted and unedited chapter from my upcoming SkipJack Publishing book (release date August 15, 2013) What kind of loser indie publishes, and how can I be one too?

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, an author’s publishing choices were limited to traditional presses or the so-called vanity presses. Vanity presses got their name because they were so expensive that only authors with the money to indulge their vanity could afford to print their books, and then they usually ended up giving them away or storing them in a shrine.

Ecommerce, ebooks, and POD (print-on-demand) have nearly relegated vanity press to a historical phenomenon. Today, authors can independently publish books of any degree of quality or lack thereof, in a much more affordable fashion. Certainly, that enables some authors to misguidedly — through ignorance, lack of awareness, or, yes, even vanity — to publish works that maybe should have remained forever hidden on a hard drive at the bottom of the ocean. It also partially levels the publishing playing field, though, allowing talented writers retain control and take charge of their writing career.

The complexity of the decision tree on how to publish makes computer programmers shiver in horror. Here is my highly simplified view of the choices:

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