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Our ADHD/Aspie teen “Clark Kent” rebounded with accountability from a disastrous first half of his senior year, including agreeing to restart the meds he’d quit six months before. We were dumbstruck and happy, but, then again, we’d trod this path before. Our shoes — and patience — were worn. Instinctively, we kept low, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

And it wasn’t so much the other shoe that dropped, as a shoe, a light fixture, a conditioner bottle, Eric’s suit, a cap & gown, and an unmailed package. But let me take it one at a time.

I decided to help Clark Kent with his new and improved lifestyle by completely cleaning out his closet, and bedroom while he was away at the Texas Forensic Association State Debate Tournament. Yes, I know, make them do it themselves and all. Well, I do. For months and months and months on end. And his version of “doing it himself” inevitably ends in him wearing the same pair of shorts every day for three months because they’re on top of the pile. Organization of his space is extremely challenging for him, almost as challenging as overcoming his inertia to start the project in the first place.

So I sorted, bagged, shelved, washed, and cleaned for eight hours in his space. I found my husband Eric’s lost suit pants. I found Clark’s father’s missing dress shoes. I found my own size eight suit pants, for goodness sakes, which I knew darn well he couldn’t get his little toe into. I even found the Balfour graduation packet with information on all the items I was supposed to have ordered six weeks ago. Ay carumba. I jumped online and ordered them, paying full price plus a late fee and an expedited shipping charge.

Clark returned from the debate tournament.

To read the rest of Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop on {a mom’s view of ADHD}, CLICK HERE.



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9 Responses to Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

  1. Rhonda Erb says:

    *sigh* This is so good. Very touching, for reasons I can’t say here, but thank you for always putting it out there!

  2. Eric Huthchins says:

    Really a great piece, I love it when it comes together like this for you and its been quite a semester.

  3. I hear music… can’t decide if it is the shark music (da DUM, da DUM) or the William Tell Overture!! Going to read the rest of the story. I love how you leave me hanging and force me to go read it so I can know.

  4. What a challenge that you handle with grace. Sounds so familiar on some levels.

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