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Originally I planned a festive week working from Dallas while Eric visited his corporate headquarters, followed by a festive weekend while he trailed me to the annual meeting for my company of workplace investigators in Fort Worth. And it was still, largely, lovely. But my sweet, sweet grandmother passed away mid-week, and that put quite a pall on things.

We were able to ferry two of our kids from Houston to Dallas, then load up my car and sprint to DeLeon, the site of the funeral. Actually, first we had to offload all of our luggage, etc., into Eric’s office in Dallas so we could fit us and the kids in the car. Which meant that after we returned from the funeral, Eric had to make a two-hour round-trip back to Dallas from Fort Worth to pick all of it back up.

Note to self: this is why people drive Suburbans. Anyway, maybe we didn’t desperately need our chin-up bar, yoga mats, and full set of hand weights, but how were we to know the turn events would take???

Oh! And, at the request of B&N, Eric (wearing his publisher’s hat) had a conference call with their small press department, which was HIGHLY ENCOURAGING and we’re floating on air. Stay tuned.

So, a lot of sadness and a little crazy with us. Here’s where we were this week:

Friday, February 28

Book Review of Saving Grace at Books Books and More Books

Saturday, March 2

Meet the Author at Barnes & Noble, downtown Fort Worth, TX (fantastic event)

I love it when awesome people show up at our events. Here's the fabulous Lisa Watson Williams.

I love it when awesome people show up at our events. Here’s the fabulous Lisa Watson Williams.

Sunday, March 3

Meet the Author at a REAL Bookstore (wonderful indie store that has a test kitchen for cookbook authors!), N. Dallas/Fairview, TX (holy cow, we were hopping!)

Monday, March 4

Guest Blogging on booksigning success tips at Beyond the Books

Tuesday, March 5

Interview where I discuss what’s been most effective for me in promoting my books, at Book Marketing Buzz

Wednesday, March 6

Interview where I talked about authorpreneurship and what’s hardest about writing, at (coolness alert!!) Examiner

Thursday, March 7

Book Review at Waiting on Sunday to Drown

Friday, March 8

Book Review & Guest Blogging at Jersey Girl Book Reviews

Ciao, all.


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6 Responses to Sad, and a little crazy

  1. Ally says:

    I’m so sorry about your grandmother. I lost my Nana two weeks ago and had just gotten home from a trip to Austin when I had to turn around had go to Reno, in order to drive another couple of hours to the funeral and back again. Grandmothers hold a special place in our hearts, and I hope yours is full of many sweet memories, as mine is!

  2. Eric Huthchins says:

    The “trip” continues to amaze me, and I am just so grateful to be on it with you. Meeting so many really amazing people, and watching you in action at signings is a very cool thing.
    You never cease to amaze me.

  3. I’m sorry about your gram! I’m so glad she lived to see you published and so wonderfuly bizzy doing authoring things! It’s neat how you and Eric meshed together to create a publishing empire (smile)! It’s fun to watch love at work.

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