I’ve done TV before. TV is fun. TV is nothing to be afraid. TV is overblown.

Yeah. All that applies until the TV interview is about YOU and one or your LITTLE DARLINGS. Whew! Check out this article and the TV interview that ran on the 6:00 p.m. news in Amarillo on September 10th, after I was in town to do a book signing. The angle was stepparenting and blended families, and the book we’re talking about is my How To Screw Up Your Kids. The news anchor, Lisa Schmidt, did a fabulous job. I don’t even think you can tell that my thighs were dripping with sweat :-)

Thanks Lisa, and ProNews 7. And thanks TJ Walker for in depth on-camera training, all those years ago!




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10 Responses to Don’t sweat it.

  1. Well wow! You came across very articulately, professionally and all sorts of other “ly’s”! You look good, dalink, very, very good. And it was nice to see your slave labor in the background.

  2. Sandy Webb says:

    You did a wonderful job with the interview! Cracked me up to see Eric working as your little helper in the video :)

  3. You did great on camera, and you looked fabulous. I didn’t realize you’re an attorney as well.
    Is there anything you don’t do? :)

  4. So happy for you. Great things are happening for you.

  5. Ally says:

    I’m weeks late to this party, but YAAAAY! The piece was fabulous and you are adorable!

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