And you can have it. On Hot Flashes and Half Ironmans. Right here, in the review on Literary R&R.

Want to read what she liked and what not so much? Well, don’t just stand there, CLICK HERE, and be sure to comment. I love that she invested time in reading and writing about my book, and you can help me show that love by letting her know you swung by!

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10 Responses to You know you want the dirt.

  1. adena says:

    Ok let’s try this AGAIN. I haven’t been reading books much lately which is stupid so I have yet to ‘crack open’ this one BUT I am putting it to the top of my list. Just catching up on blogs, missed you!!

  2. I think she did an excellent job and an honest review that only enhanced the book, not took away from it. I’d rush out and buy one but I already have 3 or 4 copies!! One on each of my readers and 2 physical – oh, that’s 5 copies. Am I am faithful friend or what??? Yeah, yeah, or what.

    • Pamela says:

      I thought so, too. She had to read a book that didn’t meet all of her interests, and I do get that :) I loved the review. The same group will review Saving Grace, too.

  3. Larry Simpson, Sr says:

    Pamela, thank you again for the book on Clark–it is a great guide for many people to use as a tool for their own situation.

  4. I am going to swing by. I love that book!

  5. Eric Hutchins says:

    It is a very good review, Honest thorough, and balanced. I loved that the reviewer “heard” your writers voice and loved it.

    That is the thing that always stands out to me when new readers of your work talk about it. They hear you, you come through, you are not plain vanilla, not a blendering of other styles into some tasteless goo. Not everyone will love that voice, but most, by far the most in my opinion, will love it if the give it a chance.

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