I am often asked how I am so “prolific.”

Is it just me, or does prolific sound like a communicable disease, like the kind you might catch from a public toilet? Well, whatever it is, I don’t have it. I do, however, have a fairly strong work ethic, thanks to my father, who would admonish us every time we goofed off when we should have been working, “Don’t just stand there playing with yourself.” My mom loved this just as much as my brother and I did, of course. Especially when he hollered it out to us on the basketball court or baseball field, with all the other (normal) parents around.

With his words of wisdom resounding in my head, I published five books in May of 2012. I will publish another in November of this year. There is no end at sight at this point. But there are no super hero powers involved. It’s a very simple secret: when I finish one book, I don’t stand there playing with myself (!), I start another. Maybe I take a short break to rejuvenate my brain, but I keep it short and stick to a schedule. And then I write.

Sure, you’re thinking, so do I. Many of you do.  I learned from some of you.

Some of you don’t.


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11 Responses to “Don’t just stand there playing with yourself.”

  1. Irene says:

    LMAO! This reminds me of my father always saying to my brother “Are you using your head for more than a hat rack?”
    When I hear “prolific” I think of the pachysandra that used to grow in my front garden and my neighbor saying, “That stuff is so prolific”. That was the first time I ever heard of that word. So I always associate it with flowers and gardens. For someone to say that someone is prolific would mean to me that they’re quite fertile. And have bared many offspring. Right? Yes, it could also mean your very productive, but just say “productive”.
    Ugh, don’t get me started…..

    • Pamela says:

      I can still remember my mother’s voice as she would try to shut my father up. “Peter!” She wouldn’t yell, because that would have drawn more attention. But the urgency was unmistakable. She laughs about it still. Probably no wonder my brother became a Marine. And me a . . . something or other, but a PROLIFIC one 😉

  2. Eric says:

    I can attest to both the internal motivation that you have, and from where it comes :)! And those are both great things.
    I continue to be amazed, in so many ways, by you.

  3. Tracie says:

    Prolific does sound kind of like a disease – but one I would like to catch. soon.

    With school starting up soon, I’m hoping to be able to schedule out my days better and spend more focused time on writing.

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  5. You are like kudzu. Prolific but profound!!

  6. Prolific**
    I looooooove that word. Such a great compliment for you, my dearest gifted Pamela. Xxxx

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