We are working with our son, the one we affectionately call Clark Kent, to modify his diet and lifestyle, in the hope that it will reduce his need for Concerta. I’ve been so excited to try this. I’m a huge believer in minimizing prescription medications.

My determination to make these changes started when I talked to a doctor the month before that had taken ADHD meds as a child. He theorized that ADHD meds can cause early onset of Parkinsian symptoms. I honestly don’t know if he is right, but we do want to wean CK off the meds if we can, or at least reduce his dosage over time. But he has a drivers license. And a job as a lifeguard. So we can’t go cold turkey on the meds.

We decided that what we should do first was establish a lifestyle change, because without a rock-solid commitment on the changes, we’d never know whether it helped, and we were pretty sure this would be a monumental challenge. Did I mention Clark has a drivers license, and a job? He does a lot of his eating outside our presence. Ugh.

So, here are the recommendations that my natural health and wellness clinic gave us to try. I am very interested in your feedback if you’ve had experience with any of these diet changes or supplements.

To read the rest of this post, click here –> http://adhdmomma.com/2012/07/our-journey-toward-diet-and-lifestyle-alternatives-to-adhd-medication.html.


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11 Responses to Back to the basics.

  1. Lots of good comments on this one!

  2. i like this idea, and I applaud your efforts! what comes out of us (mentally, physically) is often a byproduct of what we put into ourselves. (stop snickering). kudos to all of you for having a go at this!

    • Pamela says:

      Only a few snickers :) Seriously, everything we put in our body impacts it, so why not try different things than synthetic meds, when you can. Medicine is a gift and a blessing, including prescriptive meds, but they all have side effects, so….why not try alternatives?

  3. Eric Hutchins via Facebook says:

    Its surprising the number of skeptics there are, AND, I know that not all cases are the same. However, the body so clearly reacts to certain things we ingest, use caffeine as an example, why wouldn’t there be other things that we can chose to consume, or not consume, that can make a difference.

    • Pamela says:

      I think therer are skeptics abou meds just as there are skeptics about natural approaches. Freee your mind and the rest will follow…

  4. Eric Hutchins via Facebook says:

    I think part of the issue is that people are searching for a “cure” that one magic thing that makes everything “right”. The thing is, that this not about a cure, it is about celebrating the amazing things and making adjustments to get the most out of life with respect to the challenging ones.

  5. Aletta says:

    I hope that changing the nutrition habits will help, it mustn’t be healthy to take Concerta for a long time, it is a quite strong medicine.

  6. Stasha says:

    I am sorry Pamela but I have no experience of knowledge on this but in general I have noticed that people combating any conditions seem to benefit tremendously with diet changes. Fingers crossed. Cause being on meds is no fun.

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