Have y’all met the incomparable Vidya Sury yet? She is a freelance writer from Bangalore, India and one of the most positive, high-energy people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. In addition to her freelance work, she is an active member of the community of writers that I engage with on social media, and she posts on five of her own blogs. Plus, she makes a mean cup of coffee. :-) Here’s blog #1:

Collecting Smiles.
Writing about Life. Fun. Humor. Love. Relationships. Health. Tips. Resources. Technology. Experiences. Stories. Inspiration. Because variety is the spice of life.

And her second blog:

And she’s a wonderful mother, wife, and friend. A very busy woman!


With all that going on, Vidya honored me by reading my books. She went so far as to post a review of Puppalicious and Beyond on her Going A-musing site.  And she’s giving away a copy of the e-book, too. Woot! Y’all, be sure to hop over to Vidya’s review, leave a comment, and check out her other posts. I highly recommend following her, as she is a wonderful source of tips, quotes, and links to valuable reading.


Thank you, dear Vidya, and good luck to all of you in her giveaway!



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12 Responses to Review and Giveaway: Puppalicious and Beyond

  1. Unknown Mami says:

    Just entered the giveaway.

  2. Just by looking at the cover (and also, by knowing the author) I know I’d love “Puppalicious and Beyond.” Heading to Vidya’s to enter!

  3. Blond Duck says:

    So cute! I love it! Just the title is adorable.

  4. Vidya Sury says:

    Where are the tissues? Sniff sniff. Smiling through the tears. No, grinning.

    Thank you Pamela! Love you too! Very much.

    (See? I also know how to comment 😀 and not post in the comments box!!)

    So delighted to talk about your book on my blog, Pamela! And I now know that I can do it five times over, as of now 😀

  5. –have i told you lately that you ROCkkkk?

    well…. Have I punk? Xx

  6. Ted Johnson says:

    Very well said and a reminder to one and all to do the same. As a survivor of a tragic motorcycle accident where I lost my business partner, I can say the same thing about motorcyclist. We are not always loved on the road.

    • Pamela says:

      Definitely. There’s a lot of humans on the road, in all sizes and types of modes of transportation. We need to be kind to one another, by forcing ourselves to remain alert and focused. IMHO.

  7. Terri Sonoda says:

    Vidya is amazing and I am so honored to know her. She never ceases to inspire me and I can’t read her posts without smiling. She is a true treasure!

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