Winner: Houston Writers Guild 2012 Manuscript Contest, Nonfiction

The first review of one of my soon-to-be-released books is up! A huge thanks to Joana James of Book Wormz for graciously taking her time to read and review How To Screw Up Your Kids: Blended Families, Blendered Style. You can read her full review here.  Joana doesn’t have kids, y’all, but she promised this book didn’t turn her away from the prospect (of course, she hasn’t met my 15-year old daughter Susanne IRL!).

Joana runs a really great looking and useful sight, especially if you are looking for books that are consistent with a Christian worldview, in other words, books that don’t feature erotica or Pulp Fiction-esque cursing. You should follow her blog or subscribe while you’re over there checking out her review of H2SUYK, for real. She is also a writer, and she has published three books for young adults. And did I mention she lives on St. Lucia? How cool is that? As a former Virgin Islander, I can totally relate to her lifestyle.

So, don’t take my word for it — click on over to her site, and see what she had to say about H2SUYK for yourself. And PUH-LEEZE while you’re there, show her (and me) some love in the comments. Thanks!

Have a great week, y’all —




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12 Responses to And I didn’t even pay her.

  1. Eric says:

    I love when someone new reads your stuff for the first time and talks about laughing out loud. What I think is really great about this review is that she GETS IT, that it is possible to be both helpful and funny, and that it is built around real experiences with nearly has many oops’es as successes.

  2. Eric Hutchins via Facebook says:

    What great review, and she is such a nice person too, been great getting this set up with her, I hope we can help drive som traffic to her blog.

  3. What an awesome review, especially from someone who doesn’t even have kids! But, of course it was a great review! This book is a great idea! I wish my parents would have had a book like this when we were growing up! As I said on her review page, all we had was The Brady Bunch and that was NOT a very accurate model! LOL.
    Congrats on ANOTHER book!! You totally rock!

  4. Grace says:

    Hey, congratulations on your new book. On my way now to read the review!

  5. What a great review! How exciting. I’ll be on the lookout for your book come May 15!

  6. WHAT? I thought you were going to pay me for a good review? That’s what Eri… umm, maybe not. Congrats on a great review (I’m heading there after this) but we are not surprised! Repeat after me, “I am a wrtier, I AM a writer, I am a WRITER!!!!”

  7. Tammy Guise says:

    I love the title of this book and I hope I can implement all the tips you have given in this book :-)I read the review and really loved it. Want to buy the first copy that comes out!

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