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Pamela Fagan Hutchins | Rally Point Tango Alpha Bravo

Troops! It’s time! Let’s rally!

Time for a few good men and women to come to the aid of their fellow (wo)man — ME. May 21st is the release date for my first five “all by myself” books. (For a list of my upcoming publications, click here) Woo hoo! Now, I don’t mean that I literally did them all by myself. I had critique partners, beta readers, manuscript reviewers, and an editor. I had a graphic artist. I had Eric to hold me when I cried, and to partner with me on our new company, Skipjack Publishing (which will be an indie author co-op, stay tuned for details). I have leaned on the advice of many fellow indie writers. So, I certainly wasn’t alone in this effort. But these are the first five books that, under the category for “author,” list only me. It’s very cool. I’m excited/tired.

Now, don’t worry, all’a y’all who want to indie publish, I am keeping good notes. There might even be a book in the works on the topic. :-) One thing that will definitely be in it, if so, is guest blogging and online reviews.

I wannna come over to your place

Indie writers have to hustle. Hell, any writer has to hustle, and the traditional-publishing-deal authors would do well to heed the same advice I have received, which is, in part, as follows: get your name up on the bathroom wall. A lot of bathroom walls. Every bathroom wall you can find.

More literally, this means can I guest blog at your place?? Pretty please? Think of it as a day off!  I can write on any prompt you want me to. Or, better yet, we could put together a Q&A. I’d love you to mention my books at some point, or my journey from blogger to published author. Or maybe you have a guest blogger format or series — I can and will write in any way on anything you like. I’m easy that way. I promise not to embarrass you. And…I promise to drive all the traffic I can to YOUR blog, by linking to it from my blog and promoting it throughout the known world.

I’m serious, y’all, and if you don’t comment me or email me ( to take me up on this fabulous offer, then I’m probably going to hunt you down and ask you anyway, but if I have to do that, it might involve me calling your house and singing on your voice mail. Singing very, very badly on your voice mail. I prefer 80’s tunes. It’s not pretty. Ask my kids.

If you can’t say something nice,…

You want free e-books. I know you do. Even more, you want MY free e-books. My free ADVANCE REVIEW COPY (ARC) e-books, that only a few people in the world will see. And they’re easy to get. You promise me a review (good or bad, I don’t care), and I give you the e-book, in your preferred format (Kindle, Ipad, Nook, .pdf, etc.). You read it, you post your review. Simple! A trade well made.

The minimum to get you the goodness of a free e-book is to commit to posting reviews (they can be identical to each other, copy and paste is our friend) on 1) amazon 2) smashwords and 3) skipjack. Have no fear, I’ll send you detailed instructions! If you are filled to the brim and overflowing with goodness, you may decide to do more than one book. Heck, I don’t know — some of you are pretty gung ho, so knock yourself out.

Do you review books on your own blogs from time to time? Welllllll……..pick me! And one of my FIVE books. Your choices are practically endless.

Some of you haven’t done book reviews on your blog before. And there’s no time like the present to start, ya know.  Want to see what an online book review looks like?  Well, let me show you: See? You just write what you think. It’s not so hard.

But what if I’m a slacker and don’t want to do any of those things?

Maybe you’re not into blogging book reviews, or reviewing on amazon and smashwords. That’s OK. I understand. (This ain’ t no never never land — OK, people, that was a lyric drop, name that band/song) You won’t get free e-books, but I’ll still love you.

You can, however, still become ELIGIBLE to win free e-books. I’ll have all sorts of contests and stuff, later.

In the meantime, it’s pretty friendly to save up your $3.99 and just buy one of the darn things. If you bring a sack lunch to work for a whole week, you can afford to buy the whole set, and I’ll probably give some sweet discounts for people that buy more than one, if you buy through Skipjack.

I won’t give away the hard copy books because they’re too expensive, but you can, for a little extra jack, buy them. Even signed copies.

By July, maybe sooner, we’ll have a whole store full of cool stuff you can purchase, too, like t-shirts, coffee cups, water bottles, mouse pads, note pads.

And then there’s the swag. Did I mention the swag yet? No? Well, there will be swag. Screen savers, banners, book marks. You guys tell me — what kind of swag rocks your world? Think Cheetoh’s, not caviar, here, folks. But, hey, I like Cheetoh’s, don’t you???

And that brings up a good point

The only thing that starts now is free e-books and scheduling guest blogs. If you comment or email me and volunteer to read/review, then I immediately hit send and you get an ARC e-book, if you’re one of the first 10 people to request that book (or one of the first 50 in total). State your preference from this list (I’ll try to honor it):

Hot Flashes And Half Ironmans: Endurance triathlon meets the hormonal challenges of middle age.

How To Screw Up Your Kids: Blended families, blendered style.

Love Gone Viral: How to be part of a disgustingly happy couple who makes everyone else want to puke, even if you’ve failed before.

Puppalicious and Beyond: Life Outside The Center Of The Universe: Because who the heck wouldn’t want to read about cute, scary, hairy things?

The Clark Kent Chronicles: one mother’s tale of raising — and loving — her ADHD/Asperger’s son.

If you contact me and accept my offer to give you a day off on your blog and schedule me to guest, I’ll book you.  It’s that simple.

The rest of this stuff is still a month or two away. Hang on, it’s coming. I’m so excited, I can’t-hardly-stand it! And of course I’ll be keeping you completely up to date.

Finally (and that means we are near the end)

My novels will come out in October ’12, January ’13, April ’13 and June ’13. The first four anyway.

Discovering Katie Texas attorney Katie Kovacs escapes to the islands where she heals a broken heart and defends her new friend Ava, who is accused of stabbing her very married Senator-boyfriend right in his.

Leaving Annalise: An infant nephew, his ne’er-do-well mom, the crazy father, and too many Bloody Marys stand between attorney Katie Connell and nearly-divorced investigator Nick Kovacs.  Katie believes she has escaped them all after a solo rehab stint on the island of St. Marcos becomes permanent relocation into a half-built voodoo house in the tropical rainforest, but Katie couldn’t be more wrong.

Conceding Grace: A dead guy outside the gate, a dead pig on the dining room table, and dead bodies under the foundation threaten Katie Kovacs’ idyllic existence in a tropical island rainforest, where she, her husband and their young kids live in a house possessed by a voodoo spirit. Drawn into solving the troubling and dangerous puzzles, Katie finds herself wishing for a sequined pair of red shoes so she can click her heels and return to her old life.

Going For Kona: Adrian Hanson brings loveably high-strung Charlotte to life and the Triathlon World Championships, but his suspicious hit and run death leaves her with an empty heart and a full plate.  Charlotte must convince the police her teenage son Sam did not kill Adrian and identify the killer before she or Sam meet the same fate, all while completing her Ironman  tribute to the husband whose devotion to her seems ever more questionable as her investigation unfolds.

So start getting pumped up for that. I think I’ll even allow advance orders of the 2013 releases in October, for a discount when you buy the 2012 release. I’m pretty generous that way. And I love you guys.

So, I’m off to e-book formatting hell. And rewrites on one of the novels. Remember, it’s time to rally. Help me do this thing, and count on me to help you do all your things, too.

Can’t wait to hear from you all!


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34 Responses to Rally Point Tango Alpha Bravo

  1. One Busy Mom says:

    Oh…..I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

  2. L G G says:

    Linda Gibbs Greenfield via Facebook

    Submitted on 2012/04/08 at 5:18 pm

    Put me in/down for the’ Love Gone Viral’ Pam..

  3. kmj says:

    Kim McCune Jackson via Facebook

    Submitted on 2012/04/08 at 8:05 pm

    Me me me!

  4. J Z says:

    Jah Ze via Facebook

    Submitted on 2012/04/09 at 5:16 am

    Two hands up, me , me, MEE!

  5. kso says:

    Kimberley Spire-Oh via Facebook

    Submitted on 2012/04/08 at 4:43 pm

    I’ll take the Clark Kent Chronicles. I can comment from experience (although I’m not out of the woods yet).

  6. Eric Hutchins via Facebook says:

    I wish I were able to comment but i suspect readers might think I am a little biased.

  7. Sandy Webb says:

    Me!!! I want Puppalicious….of course. Also, you may guest post on my blog anytime….or multiple times if you want. Anything I can do to help you out I am willing to do.

    Eric – you could comment under an alias.

  8. Eric says:

    This will happen I am sure :).
    At LEAST one!

  9. Terri Sonoda says:

    I would be honored if you Guest Blog on my Blog. I don’t need incentives. I am just so happy for you I could pee! This is amazing. I am only dreaming of what you are actually accomplishing now. Wow. Awesomeness! So happy for you!

    • Pamela says:

      Hey, when we make a plan, what do we do? We stick to it :) It’s been busy since I talked to you on the phone for your research paper. Whew! Almost there!

      Can’t wait to guest blog in Terri’s Little Corner, too!

  10. Theresa Sonoda via Facebook says:

    Happy to help!

  11. In sick today, so I didn’t read the while thing. I will when my head isn’t spinning. I’m your girl Friday. My blog is your blog. I will comment on every site you need. Done.

  12. I’d love to read/review The Clark Kent Chronicles… I can relate! I may have more time for the other ones once summer comes around though! Very happy and excited for you — wow, you’ve been one busy lady!

  13. Vidya Sury says:

    Hey Pam – this is so stupendous! You choose the book, I’ll review it for you on my blog! Heck, I’d be honored to! 😀 And tell me what date would suit you for the review. Yay! I almost feel as though I am the one whose work’s published. I guess friends do that to me. 😀 Hugs! Now I’d better get my autograph book ready for when we have that coffee together, eh?

    • Pamela says:

      I know — I can come visit to write the guest blog — we can co-write over coffee! It would rock.

      Thank you so much vidya, I’ll be in touch!

  14. Of course, I’m in! Put me down for Hot Flashes and Half Ironmans. And I’d love to have you guest post (on either blog — you choose).
    Congrats in the biggest way — glad to be part of your journey!
    xo hm

    • Pamela says:

      Thank you so much! And I’d love to have you guest blog any time you want, too :)

      I’m hope I can coax you into How To Screw Up Your Kids, too, since you are a co-expert in the field of blended families, blendered style lOL.

  15. Lisa Baer says:

    Shocker, put me down for Puppalicious! I’d love for you to guest blog whenever it fits your schedule. xo

  16. Irene says:

    My goodness, you’ve been busy! And kudos for the books! This is wonderful! To finally see it all come to fruition! All that hard work, tears, sleepless night, editing and re-editing, rejections…it’s paid off! Not to mention trying to raise the kids, heal the pets, keep the love going….I think you should be Super Mom of the Year!

    • Pamela says:

      That is very sweet of you to say, Irene. Thank you so much! I am a little tired :) But the kids are actually excited about this and have been – sort of — helpful :)

  17. Ally says:

    I am WAY late to this party, because I’ve taken the week off. But I’m almost back – Monday. :)

    That said. I need to read this post again, slooower, because my heart started beating so fast with the contagious excitement that you generated that I was reading really fast! I’m totally in for whatever you need. Come guest post at my place (I’ve got a whole new look going on at my blog!) and I’d GLADLY read and review! Hot Flashes and Half Ironmans and Puppalicious would be my first choices but I’ll do any :)

    And can I say? I can’t WAIT for the novels!

    Just know – I may pepper you with questions some day. I’m sort of working on this little writing project.. :)

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