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Pamela Fagan Hutchins | Juice-y news.

In my efforts to regain some hormonal balance, sanity, and mojo, I caved to my doctor’s recent instructions. Some of them were easy enough, like changes in my bioidentical hormone regimen. Others pushed me a bit, such as adding a dizzying array of additional supplements, each to test its effectiveness at reducing symptoms. I don’t know which is harder, figuring out what to take each morning or swallowing 40 pills a day without vomiting. Okay, I do know. Swallowing. Tip: spread over three meals, take pills between bites after you have “lined” your stomach, and don’t dream of trying it without a lot of protein.

But the big challenge was a diet cleanse. I’d gotten sloppy in the last eight months. Eric and I trained for a half ironman this past summer, one we ultimately punted on due to, at the time, his health issues. Then we resumed training for our makeup race only to have my health issues derail us. Poo poo. Anyway, when we train hard core, I indulge my inner Cinnabon and apple fritter-scarfing demon. Unfortunately I found it hard to get her under wraps when the exercise waned. I was chock-a-full of chemicals, gluten, and sugar from processed foods. Plus my ass had gotten a titch large, which it is wont to do. Call me curvy.

The diet my doctor swears by is a Yeast Free Health and Wellness Diet. It’s a lot like my “no white” diet, but with some key differences. The first and most important is that during the first month, I have to take a medicine called Nystantin with meals to kill off the live yeast in my stomach and digestive track. I bloated up like I was six months preggers during the first 10 days. Not comfortable or fun. It gets better as the little suckers die. The second difference from my “no white” diet is that they really want me off dairy as much as possible, too, for the long run. And it is over this requirement that I imploded last time I tried this diet. I was going strong for about three months when the lure of cheese became too much for me.

I’m wrapping up week three now. Eric is yeast free in solidarity with me. Yes, he’s awesome. No, he doesn’t have an available brother, and you sure can’t have Eric, so don’t even think about it. I don’t feel great, yet, and I won’t until I am off the Nystantin; I tend toward more migraines while it’s doing its thing. I have lost a lot of my butt fluff layer. I’m not yet exercising to any real extent, not only because of the migraines, but because I haven’t licked this all-over body pain yet. I’m doing more than I had since before Christmas, though.

I splurged in support of the diet change and bought a juicer. I’m doing one meal replacement per day with a veggie-fruit-protein powder concoction. I actually add the fruit pulp back when I blend the juice and protein into a smoothie, and we’ve used the veggie pulp as a fiber-additive to meat and vegetable dishes for other meals. No waste, and we get all the vitamins and fiber back. I can’t have most salad dressings yet (because I can’t have any type of vinegar except apple cidar, and no white sugar), so this helps me eat more raw food. I’m not a big fan of crunching raw broccoli, ya know? And salads without cheese or dressing, well, they gag me. The juicer is a life saver.

Other meal staples: scrambled eggs with rotel tomatoes and black beans, lettuce wraps with avocado, tomato, and deli meat, and hummus with chick pea chips along with fresh guacamole and a few spoonfuls of roasted almond butter or cashew butter. Thank God for Fadi’s Mediterranean and Boston Market, which are about the only restaurants I can go to without a hangover from some food or other that the nystantin conflicts with.

I love my juicer. I would love to feel good again even more, but, in the meantime, I am encouraged. Long term, this diet looks a lot like The Zone diet. Personally, I have to keep white sugar, gluten, processed foods, and simple carbs out of my life. Period. I have a plan. I’m following it, and so is my husband. We are really optimistic that over the next three to four weeks, Pamela will re-surface. Which will rock.




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21 Responses to Juice-y news.

  1. Terri Sonoda says:

    Godspeed on your health and regimen, Pamela. It sounds complicated to my simple mind, but the Juicer part I am totally in tune with. Love juicing! So good for you and it’s fun to experiment and change things up.

  2. Hi Pamela….congratulations to you and Eric in adding to your already healthy lifestyle and well being. It seems like the whole medical profession is pushing hard for people to go gluten free or yeast free. Great to see you guys on this and be sure to keep me posted on how things are going. I don’t use a juicer myself, but have heard a bunch of great stuff about using one.


    • Pamela says:

      The juicer is fun and also promotes creativity. I am happy to see more medical professionals pushing people away from synthetics, whether it be unnecessary prescription drugs (and I don’t believe all are, by a long shot) or unnecessary changes to the food we eat that. Exciting stuff.

  3. Dana Peters says:

    Hang in there, Pamela! We’re a juicing and gluten-free family. Love, love our juicer and Vitamix! Don’t know where we’d be or what we’d feel like without them. Both my kids have fruit/veg smoothies each morning before school. We went gluten-free due to my daughter being diagnosed with Celiac Disease last year. Although I didn’t test positive for yeast/candida, I did test positive for some dormant viruses some years back. I know exactly how you feel going through the dying off period. Keep it up! You’re a vibrant, active woman…you will bounce back quick and feel great soon! =)

  4. Peter says:

    The juice protein concoction was pretty good.
    Unfortunately your Mother made homemade rolls for HiJoe last night. We took them dinner and then watched the super bowl with them. With the left over dough she made cinnamon bread (cinnamon is good for you isn’t it?). Two pieces this morning. Oh well. Veggies for lunch?

    • Pamela says:

      we used the veggie pulp in our superbowl chili last nigth instead of masa, and just to add veg fiber and vitamins
      it was very good
      you really couldn’t tell the difference

  5. How dare you suggest there is dust in my cabinets? *Ahem* Yes I have a juicer. Yes it is hiding in the bowels of my dark under counter cabinet and yes, occasionally it growls at me when I open the door. I actually loved juicing I just hated the amount of work for one cuppa. Now that you’ve given me a brilliant thing to do with the pulp – thanks – I may have to rethink my “It’s too much work” whine.

    I think it has been close to 3 years now since we cut out chemicals / processed foods as much as possible and I have to tell you, I have a hard time finding a place to eat out because almost everything tastes like chemicals! Or! I had a spinach salad the other day at Chilis or some such place and the dressing was on the side – and I took a bite and it was so SWEET I choked – the dressing was inedible to me after getting off white sugar. I know this is good news (i.e., I’m not putting this stuff in my system) but I used to LOVE eating out, waaa waaaa.

    Just keep telling us cool stuff like this – I live to learn new things to apply to make this ‘eat to live don’t live to eat’ lifestyle better! I have to go – I’m going to go get that growly juicer out from under the cabinet, dig out the carrots and….

  6. I’ve been trying to replace one meal a day with juicing. I am enjoying it. Marty had to take Nystatin after his transplant and that stuff is gross!. Bravo for braving that out.

  7. Anita says:

    WHAT?! Why are you ditching all sorts of good food (cheese) and eating crap like DELI MEAT?!

    I strongly suggest a venison stew. Or fergoddssake, go on a broth and juice fast…BUT CHEESE?! You’ve gone mad. Sheep’s milk feta? A good creamy goat cheese? Super Sharp Crumbly White Cheddar?!

    ALL BACKWARDS. If you ask me.

    You can have greek yogurt, right? WHAT?!

    Then what do you put on top of roasted pureed pumpkin with coconut milk?!

    We need a LONG TALK… over LUNCH. With red wine.

  8. Cheryl says:

    I love juicing!!! Came across it after watching “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. If you haven’t seen it, you can stream it on Netflix right now. It will change your perspective and get you excited about it. Juice ON!!

  9. Ally says:

    Sounds awesome! I do much better staying away from cane sugar and gluten – and I got bad over the holidays, which drug into January, and so on. I’ve been cracking down on that. We don’t have a juicer anymore, but I do a lot of veggie/fruit/protein smoothies. I do sometimes miss my juicer. Maybe we’ll get another some day…
    (just be careful with your deli meat selections – they can be full of all kinds of yuck! That stuff can mess with your migraines, too.)

  10. Julie says:

    I just finished a 3 week fast with no meat, dairy or
    Any kind including eggs, sugar, yeast, or caffeine and I have to say it was fantastic after the first few days! Good for you.

  11. Peter says:

    We should do that. I bet in stews, chili, gravy etc you could substitute veggie pulp for the flour.

    • Pamela says:

      exactly — in meatloafs, rice dishes, potato dishes, other meat and veggie dishes. a good thickener.
      in baking, they suggest a partial substitution of the fruit pulp for flour (and you can also use flours made from things like quinoa, almonds, etc)

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