Eric and I bought matching “H” bathmats, but someone else found them first.
Little rat.  Or, rather, little one-eyed Boston terrier.
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17 Responses to A t’ief, mon, and me no lie.

  1. Ally says:

    Petey thinks Santa brought him a present! 😉

  2. Anna says:

    Xoxoxo!! So funny! That’s his present for Christmas!

  3. Eric Hutchins says:

    What’s also amazing is how his good eye glows like that!. :)

  4. Terri Sonoda says:

    Gotta love Petey. He likes what he likes. He’s a rock star.

  5. H – HIS. Honey Boy. Hero. Hiney Warmer. HEY, aren’t I cute? So you just go kiss Petey Boy for me and say, “Oh yes you are!!” from me.

  6. Sandy Webb says:

    Awwwww….he was just borrowing it. You can’t expect him to lie on the hard, cold tile in the winter can ya? I so <3 Petey!

  7. Simone Clark says:

    The dog has quite some personality isn’t it ? 😀

  8. […] 24×7, because they catch the streetlight 150 feet away! I love the “H” bathmats (so does Petey Sweetie!). I adore the tile. The tub rocks.  And the shower makes me weep. The potty is such a huge […]

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