Been there, done that, made the t-shirt.

For every “negative” trait associated with ADHD, there is a corresponding trait of awesomeness to celebrate during ADHD Awareness Week.  It is often the same with my son Clark’s “co-morbid” condition, Asperger’s Syndrome.

His positives come to mind quickly:  he is creative, passionate, and funny.  

Unfortunately, the negatives aren’t hard to remember either.  He is unfocused,/distracted, relentless, at times insensitive, and always impulsive.

The distractability can drive us to, well, distraction.  But we laugh about it.  One time our daughters Liz and Susanne made t-shirts for all of us to wear with Clark’s picture on it, captioned with “Huh?” and “What?”  Yep, that’s it, at the top of this post. Distracted.  Definitely. 

Click on over to {a mom’s view of ADHD} for the rest of Shut up, Clark!  But before you do, I have to share what happened on the Facebook page for {a mom’s view of ADHD} today, inspired by the theme of Shut up, Clark!  It makes me teary to even think about.  One of the readers praised the positive message, something I try to exemplify in my writing and my life, and we chatted about it briefly, then she asked permission to post a picture of her son and an explanation of why he was awesome.  Great idea!  So, since I have admin privileges on the page as one of the contributing authors, I posted a request that all the parents celebrate ADHD Awareness Week by posting a picture of their children with the tag, “My ADHD child is awesome because….”



The posts on this site are often pleas for help and empathy from overwhelmed parents.  Today, there is page after page after page of pictures of beautiful, happy, loved children, whose mothers (and dad’s too!) are focusing on how unique and wonderful they are.




Pretty frickin' wonderful.

I am so honored that my Clark story sparked this beautiful movement.  Be sure and check it out on Facebook:  click here and just start scrolling down to see it.

Thanks, y’all!


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14 Responses to Shut up, Clark.

  1. You guys really know how to make the best of any situation. What a wonderful Family.


  2. A Million Thanks to the wonderful Penny Williams for creating the fabulous a mom’s view of ADHD community! What a blessing it is to so many parents!

  3. Eric Hutchins says:

    Thank you Darryl, and all anyone has to do is spend a few minutes around your family and know that it is full of love and what great parents you guys are.

  4. Lessa says:

    I read a really interesting piece the other day, I forget where it is but it highlights the trend in the media to highlight that people have adhd when they have done well and push it out there as if its some kind of gift where people who have it are gifted in some other way. This is the execption rather than the rule and it holds a lot of us back, also we DO NOT use it as an excuse, which is the most annoying mis understanding of all!

    • Pamela says:

      Taking just Clark as an example, while e has many positive traits, it has been and is sooo hard for him. It is far far from am excuse; it is the TRUTH. I actually just quote a piece that I am using in a book I’m writing, and that was one of the frustrations I discussed.

  5. Great job Pamela for turning a negative into a positve thing!

  6. “…something I try to exemplify in my writing and my life” – and I for one can boldly say that you do an excellent job! You are an upbeat and positive person – real, down-to-earth with the normal momentary meltdowns – but you are an amazing woman and oh yeah, have an amazing hubby, too! You always inspire me to do better.

  7. […] Our own Clark Kent made state in cross examination for debate and passed all his classes (for the SEMESTER; we’ll talk about the grading period, below). […]

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