Recently Eric needed to call the Home Depot “experts” on their generators for some assistance.  He connected with “Andrew,” who spoke with a heavy Indian accent.  Andrew insisted that his answer to one of Eric’s questions was correct, despite Eric’s knowledge first hand that Andrew was wrong.  Finally, Andrew said, “I can prove it.  Here’s the link to the information.”

Anyone see a reference to generators?

Eric decided maybe Andrew was an expert in something, but it wasn’t generators.  He ended the call.

Have a good day, y’all — Pamelot

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19 Responses to Please WHAT?

  1. how much fun would it have been to be standing nearby during that call! i love it when i am involved in conversations when people try to BS me. dumb. but fun.
    keep on being you!

  2. Sandy says:

    Ha! I am an expert about everything compared to most Home Depot employees. They and Lowes both frustrate the hell out of me when I need help.

  3. And as I begin my first week working in one of the few call centers that has not been moved to India, I snicker.

  4. Ally says:

    Frustrating! Remember the good old days of customer service?

  5. Irene says:

    Don’t get me started.

    Eric should know better being in the engineering business than to deal with “Andrew”. I would have ended the call as soon as I heard “Hello, dis iss Andrew.”.

    • Pamela says:

      Truly. He works with a lot of great Indian engineers, and with no knock against anyone Indian, we have repeatedly had horrible luck with Indian customer service call centers (a la “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” which is an absolutely top notch movie by the way). The penultimate bad experience was dealing with Parent Plus Loans for his daughter’s first year of college, and all routed through an Indian call center when there were issues. Hours of hell. Days of hell. I felt bad for Eric and the call reps!

  6. Louisa says:

    The website is too funny!!! ha ha

  7. JennyBean says:

    I’m with Irene. I have never had any success with a phone call to India. 😉

    • Pamela says:

      I never have either. My sister in law is from Mumbai, and I feel guilty saying it, but it is a problem. The accent and culture barriers are big enough, but the folks I’ve encountered were just inadequately trained. And that’s the fault of….????
      “Home Depot” (or whichever company hires them — I would guess based on a low price? — but then doesn’t insure they have the knowledge they need.

  8. LBDDiaries says:

    I think they get paid by the What. You know, how many time they can make a caller ask, “What? I don’t understand what you said.”

  9. Eric Hutchins says:

    It was absolutely surreal.

  10. That suuuuucks. Did you get your question answered eventually?

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