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Pamela Fagan Hutchins | Conceding Grace and Crying Uncle

Well, my friends, I am on a short writing hiatus, so I am sitting down to write…which makes perfect sense, so shut up.

The pig pictured is not Grace or Wilbur/n. She is, instead, my unnamed chamomille filled "stress pig." She works very, very hard. Oh, btw, we did have a pig at Annaly named Chester. Chester died young due to the over-attentiveness of one of our six dogs. SAD. We will def have a pig when we move out to Nowheresville. Who am I kidding? I am married to Eric Hutchins. We'll have an entire zoo.

For the last three weeks I have squeezed in a sprinted marathon to whip Conceding Grace into shape for submission to two agents.  With a lot of help from talented friends who provided feedback to guide my efforts, I hit send Friday night at 7:00 p.m.  By the time I finished, I looked zombiesque from lack of sleep.  Or so Eric tells me.  You be the judge.

Kids, job, and husband mean writing occurs at hideous hours.  And a novel on the brain doesn’t stop for sleep.  It’s all I dream about until it’s done, so nights are restive, not restful.

I already want to to rip it up and try again.  *sigh* But, instead, I am going to take off at least a week from working on novel-length writing, then dive back into the re-creating of Discovering Katie and Leaving Annalise, both of which have their origins in the current version of Leaving Annalise.  I’m needing a different name for Discovering Katie.  That doesn’t even work for me as a working title.  Anyway, they will be my little summer project.

Meanwhile, I booted the diet and exercise to focus on writing, so I’m a quivering blob of goo.  Must get with it!  Also, my 14-y.o. daughter had her 8th grade dance.  Isn’t she cute?

Suz is the one in pink.

Here’s the teaser for Conceding Grace:

A dead man outside her voodoo house Annalise in the Virgin Islands rainforest shatters former attorney Katie Kovacs’ idyllic life on St. Marcos, and the dead pig on the dining room table doesn’t help. Her private investigator husband Nick – who works when the surf is down and he needs gas to take his new plane up – accepts the case on behalf of the dead man’s employer, the Petro-Mex Refinery. While Nick hunts for bad guys, Katie juggles her newborn twin girls (whose christening includes a roasting of the pig) with an active-beyond-cute three-year old son. She longs for the days when she was the toast of the island as the twangy Texas-born half of a singing duo. In the midst of this chaos, a stranger at her door claims Annalise stands on an African slave burial ground and demands cash or he will call the authorities.

Katie’s live-in in-laws help, but her world tips further out of balance when Nick’s plane disappears on a clandestine trip to meet a Petro-Mex witness who has told Nick that the Chihuahua Drug Cartel is behind his co-worker’s death. Katie turns to the local police. They tell her Nick decamped for Mexico with the smoking hot mail order bride of the deceased. With clues from her voodoo house and wild dreams she believes are messages from Nick, Katie island-hops through the Caribbean and right into the middle of the Petro-Mex mess, but soon discovers nothing she believes is quite what it seems.

First three chapters here.

Well, folks, I will share everything I learned about life and writing with you later this week.  Right now, my pillow beckons.




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28 Responses to Conceding Grace and Crying Uncle

  1. Christopher Gronlund says:


    The best of luck to you as you begin submitting another book to agents!

    All the best,


  2. As I begin my journey into my first (and hopefully not last) novel-length offering, you will have provided more inspiration than I can say. Best BEST wishes on a huge success with your book. Hugs, friend.

  3. SoberJulie says:

    As a person who aspires to write a novel length piece, bravo my friend!!
    Your daughter is GORGEOUS…no go on girl and chill for a bit 😉

  4. Galit Breen says:

    Honey! look at you all motivated and accomplished! I adore what you’re doing, you chamomile pig, and yes: your sweet girl looks lovely! XO

  5. Eric Hutchins says:

    Its not your Pillow calling its your Husband! PAMELAAAAAAA, Come Baaaaaaack, as she stares out the window like she can see the movie of the book playing in her head.

    No one ever said it would be easy :) right, however, you have done and amazing job in keep all the balls in the air, and a few times when they dropped, picked them up and started juggling again without missing a beat.

    You have completed 3 FULL LENGTH novels in less than 2 years. It pains me GREATLY that you are going to tear Leaving Annalise in two and start again, but somehow from watching you grow through this last experience I suspect that I might like the outcome even more than how much I LOVE, Leaving Annalise.

  6. Eric Hutchins says:

    And whatever you do don’t let Heidi name the new first book.

  7. Tracie says:

    I just have to say that I’m excited for the day I can walk into a bookstore and pick up Conceding Grace (probably while squealing loudly, much to the embarrassment of my husband).

    That teaser has me all sorts of intrigued!

  8. Congratulations Pamela. I know that Conceding Grace is going to be a knockout. I hope you were able to catch up on your sleep on the weekend and had some good times with your Family. Give that Trimon dude a hug from me and tell him to do the same to you.


  9. Sandy says:

    Welcome back! I for one have missed you. Let Eric know that if he needs any ideas for the future zoo I can help him out! Looking forward to the day when I can say, “I knew her when!”

  10. Rebecca Nolen says:

    I enjoyed the teaser. Can’t wait to settle down and read it. Crazy with all the attention I’m getting from city inspectors these days. Hooray – passed the plumbing inspection…

  11. Ally says:

    You’re amazing! Looking forward to reading the first three chapters. Course, then I’ll have to wait for more!

  12. Irene says:

    I could have sworn I commented on this, but it’s not showing up! *sigh*

    No rest for the weary!

    I enjoyed the excerpts! I have to read the rest now! You’ve peaked my interest!

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