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Pamela Fagan Hutchins | My diet is not a racist.

I am a lifestyle follower of the “no whites” diet, but it’s not a racist and neither am I. White people are OK with me, just not white foods. Big difference. Get it straight, people!

Also, I have heard whispering behind my back that I should practice what I preach or not throw stones in a glass house or some other cliche-ridden B.S., and I have just one thing to say about THAT, y’all, as a writer and a human-being:

I totally know! I am the human embodiment of the word “binge.” But, I swear, I repent and shall stray no more.

So, what I do, and have done for years — years at a time, even — is eat “no white foods.” It’s kinda like the Pamelot version of Atkins/South Beach, although I’ve never read anything about South Beach and am only going by what other people tell me.  Note: Pamelot is not a doctor. My way is not the way for all.  It just works for me. And for some reason lots of y’all asked me to share the deets.  So here goes:

The Chunky (“Ass the size of Delaware”) Phase — 2 weeks:

No sugar, no flour, no rice, no potatoes, no pasta, no fruit.  I also avoid “simple carb” veggies (the sweetest tasting ones) like corn, carrots, and sweet peas. Don’t cheat!  If you do, you’ll gain, not lose.  Low fat cheese and avocado is a yes on this diet, as are nuts — good fats are fine, bad fats are always bad fats.  The leaner the meat, the better, but all meat (and eggs) will work on this diet.  I avoid lentils and beans in this phase — they’re good carbs but yet too carby for breaking the hold bad carbs have on me.   The first four days, have Excedrin handy because you will have bitchin’ headaches along with your carb cravings as you go into the withdrawal phase of breaking your value-less carb addiction.  But, after four days, you will not be hungry. Oh, bonus: you’re eating gluten-free.  And eliminating yucky yeast in your digestive system, which can farg your health up in about a million ways (read more about yeast and you at Hotze Health & Wellness Center; these are the geniuses/saints who saved me with bioidentical hormones).

I’m finishing this phase, now.

Shiny face in humid Houston. This is me right before going to teach a class. I've lost a clothing size but have another to go to fit into my normal clothes.

General success tips, below.

If you do this right, ladies will lose 8-12 pounds and men 10-15 pounds.  And you’re losing fat, not water.

The Less Chunky (“I can open my eyes halfway when I’m naked”) Phase — 2 weeks or however long it takes:

No sugar, no flour, no rice, no potatoes, no pasta.  I add back in all fruits and veggies except bananas, which are the most easily converted fruit to sugar.  The best fruits on this type of diet?  Those with SEEDS: strawberries, kiwis, raspberries, blackberries.  I also throw in beans and lentils in this phase.  They’re a good carb!  You’re still low yeast and gluten-free in this phase.

The “Damn, I think I look pretty good” Lifestyle Phase — forever:

No sugar, no flour but add back in brown rice, steel cut oatmeal, SWEET potatoes, quinoa, even some whole wheat pasta occasionally.  Eat this way forever.  It’s Good.For.You.  Also, if you are careful, you can stay gluten-free in this stage, too.  Watch for processed foods, i.e., pasta and pick the gluten-free alternatives or just don’t eat them at all.  In this phase, your yeast count has gone up, but it’s at a minimal, probably acceptable level.

General advice for not swelling up like a hippopotamus:

  • If you must use artificial sweeteners, minimize it.  They are ARTIFICIAL.  My OPINION is that sucralose is the best readily available artificial sweetener, although I like xylitol even better.  Aspartame kills lab rats and gives me horrid headaches.  The last thing I want is dead rats on my conscience when I have a migraine.
  • Can’t live without breading on your meat?  If you must fry and fry with breading, try substituting ground nuts or almond flour for regular flour.  I like ground sesame seeds, too, although cleaning the food processor keeps me from doing it very often, I admit.  Oh!  Bob’s Red Mill has great almond flour and quinoa flour.  I use the quinoa flour for pancakes and for cupcakes.  You could even go crazy and fry in coconut oil rather than (second best) canola or sunflower oil.  And the old guy (Bob) that owns Bob’s Red Mill gave his company to his employees, which is so cool I can’t stand it.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  Water, tea, or sucralose sweetened drinks. Watch out for carbonation.  By the way, I highly recommend and obsessively love (strawberry) Powerade Zero.
  • Cutting sugar means cutting it in everything — check your cough drops and cold meds.  Big time sugar.  I switched to caplets instead of my beloved hot Thera-flu, for instance.  And there are also naturally sweetened cough drops if you want to stay away from artificially sweetened ones.
  • Energy drinks come low carb or no sugar,  too.  Monster is readily available although I like Sobe No Fear’s no sugar energy drink best.  Five Hour Energy is zero carb, too.

    A glimpse into my personal stash of "liquids and things to put in them."

  • Watch for hidden sugars and learn to read labels for total carb count.  Red pasta sauce in the grocery store has a lot of sugar as does ketchup and peanut butter.  Look for low carb alternatives, make your own, or do without.  Salad dressings also contain a lot of carb filler, and low fat usually means high carb.  Dressings that are normally safe are caesar, vinegar & oil, and some ranch dressings.  Again, make your own to be sure.  I buy low sugar versions whenever I have the choice, of everything.  I even look for vanilla extract that has no sugar.
  • Shop the outside aisles, away from the processed foods.  You are returning to eating like a hunter/gatherer…or, the way people used to eat before our society turned to white sugar and processed foods and got F-A-T.
  • If your breath gets icky in the initial phases, be careful of sugar/carb in mouthwashes, gum, or mints.  Again, read the labels and shop for alternatives.  Xylitol flavored gums, washes, and even toothpaste are available online.

    Sample search I ran for low carb xylitol products for bad breath.

  • Stay off alcohol in the first 2 weeks, then when you add it back, go with the drinks with the least sugar or you’ll really mess yourself up, ie., red wine, low carb beer.  I don’t drink at all, but that choice wasn’t about weight.  However, the less alcohol you drink, the better you will do on your weight, as alcohol is a simple sugar based liquid.
  • If you quit losing or start regaining, pull out the simple carbs/the foods easily converted to sugar.
  • I adore some of the low carb products available like low carb wraps/tortillas, and some of the items in the picture, below.

    Snacks! And other good foods.

    Almost left out two of my faves!

  • As with any attempt to jump start your metabolism, eat 5-6 times a day but in smaller amounts
  • Are you an athlete?  You may feel funny at first, but, over time, you body adjusts.  And, of course, you never take out carbs altogether, just value-less carbs.  The more you exercise, the quicker you lose and thus get to the point where you add back in more high nutritional value carbs.  I am a crappy, middle-aged endurance athlete (triathlon, running, and cycling), and I can keep it really low carb and still perform.
  • Supplements rock, no matter what diet you are on.  My favorite multi? Synergy. It’s not only a comprehensive power pack with fantastic ingredients in a powdered capsule (think “easily metabolized”) form, it is LOW CARB.

    Seems expensive, but, other than rock hard impossible to digest/metabolize cheap multis at WalMart, this is the best priced effective multi power pack I've found.

  • Looking for electrolytes without the corn syrup?  They also sell an effervescent, flavored multi-vitamin to add to your own water in your own rewashable water bottle.
  • I swear by no-sugar EmergenC, every day.  I add it to the flavored multi from nuun (above) and a tablespoon of unsweetened fiber every morning.  Oh, and fiber is a good thing.  It neutralizes carbs.  And, if you are not getting a lot of roughage…well, you should probably add in the fiber or factor an extra hour of bathroom time each day.

    Easily metabolized and helps you fight off viruses/colds, etc.

    Looking for an aspartame-free fiber? This unsweetened version is tasteless. Takes a little longer to "mix" into your water, but we love it.

Sample Chunky Phase Eating Plan:

Breakfast: 2 eggs or a atkins ready made protein shake

Snack: A world of yummy options, and to me, frequent snacks that taste good are the key to sticking with the diet, so I eat macadamia nuts (8 = 1 serving), Kroger’s low carb yogurt, Breyer’s low carb ice cream bar, raw green veggies, Atkin’s caramel nut chew bar, cashews, low fat mozzarella sticks, a tablespoon of low sugar peanut butter.  Note to those of you with very little brain power –> choose only ONE for each snack time.

Lunch: low carb wraps w/avocado, cheese, lettuce, turkey, mayo & mustard, raw veggies

Snack: (probably twice in the afternoon in the first 4 days; see snack, above)

Dinner: slab of meat (which gets smaller every day, but is large when I’m starving in the beginning) and cooked green veggie


So that’s it!  My non-racist diet.  I hope some of what works for me helps you.

OK, y’all, so how do you guys keep your luscious figures?   Tips in the comments, please.

Think thin but HEALTHY,


p.s. Nan of Little Black Dress Diaries is a bad influence. She told me that red velvet cake is red, brownies are brown, and all matter of other subversive things. Sugar = white, Nan. Sugar.Equals.White. :-(

p.p.s. Another friend whose name I can’t mention because he’s afraid Google will catch it and link him to my blog (gasp), has been taunting me with white bread. Soft, tasty white bread. I almost used his name JUST AS PAYBACK.

p.p.p.s.  My super-fit, super-cute husband is a supplement expert and former owner of 3 GNC and 2 Triathlon stores.  I’m hoping he’ll chime in more about supplements in the comments.  It helps when you guys ask him specific questions or compliment his dancing skills.



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76 Responses to My diet is not a racist.

  1. Sandy says:

    TJ & I lived low carb for 5 years straight, it was a lifestyle change for us to lower his cholesterol. At first my energy level was nil but once used to it I had more energy than before. My favorite non-cheat snack was….slices of pepperoni (like you would put on a pizza) place them between paper towels and microwave them until crunchy..cures that salty, crunchy craving! But salty, crunchy is my weakness instead of sweets. I have tons of low carb recipes if you are ever looking for something different hit me up! Oh, and yes, roughage is very important.

    We quit that lifestyle when TJ got sick and now you have me thinking about going back on it again.

  2. Anita says:

    um…..why are you eating so many things that are really not food? i.e. sucralose? Processed “energy”? Give up the taste of sweet. Not just the after effect…..I really don’t wanna find out how healthy you can be and still die like a lab rat.

    • Pamela says:

      Damn, Anita. You’re bursting my bubble :) And you’re right. I add it to my coffee, and it’s in my powerade. But I need to cut out even more. Thank you. You probably saved me from a brain tumor.

  3. Heidi M says:

    This is impressive, but *confession*– too much to think about! How do you keep it all in your head, or have you just done it so long you know exactly what you’re doing? And where do chips and salsa fit in, because I have those about every other day?

    You’ll be rocking a bikini by April. :)

    • Pamela says:

      It’s just all in my head b/c I’ve done it so long. If you just shop the outside aisles at the grocery store, you’re doing it. Ummm, let’s see — buy some corn tortillas and dust a little olive oil on them and bake them and go nuts with that salsa — after four weeks. :)

  4. Lee says:

    You don’t do fruit? I do something very similar..but I do fruit. Why no fruit?? Because of the sugar?

    • Pamela says:

      Only in the first two weeks do I not do it, and, yes, it is solely because of the sugar. To break what for me becomes an unhealthy-carb addiction, I have to get all the sugar out of me cold turkey. Sweats, migraines and all, ha ha.

  5. Sounds like a plan, and if anyone can do it, you can! Go Pamela!!!

  6. Eric Hutchins says:

    The results that you get when you are really locked into this program are amazing. (While this comment borders on TMI, Pamela actually, physically starts to radiate heat when her metabolism gets going.)

    There are so many things about this program that make a ton of sense to me, and while it does sound complicated on the first read through it really is not.

    In it you refer to the use of supplements. I really learned a lot through the years of GNC ownership, both good and bad and I am happy to answer any questions that people have and to make suggestions about various products. There are a lot of really good products out there that do what they are supposed to, there are also an ever greater number that don’t do anything at all (IMO). While it would be nice to say, that we don’t need them at all (supplements) the reality is that the vast majority of us to not have ready access to the high quality naturally grown foods that would eliminate the need for most supplements.

    • Pamela says:

      True, true, I radiate heat like an old timey standing furnace.

      Very imp: not all “vitamins and supplements” are created equal. Eric may do a post on this someday when he has time — liquids, powders, gelcaps, hard vitamins, capsules, types of capsule coverings (and what people with special dietary needs shuold look for re this); then there is ingredients; types of supplements for particular issues. When I met Eric, I took nothing but an “occasional” (more like once every 2 years) rock hard grocery store multivitamin.

      One thing I would add to Eric about the quality of nutrition we get is that some people theorize that overfarming has led to decreased nutrtition density in foods; just going organic or farm grown won’t solve that problem. I think nutritional supplements are for everyone. You’ll have more energy and mental acuity, sleep better, and fight off viruses better. At least, that’s what happens every time I see someone do this.

      With our kids, we are happy if they take the rock hard grocery vitamins once in a blue moon — we have pill organizers for everyone and fill them and they ignore them — because something is better than nothing. And the better processed and more easily and fully metabolized versions are more expensive — no need to waste them on kids who put them down the garbage disposal.

  7. ridgely says:

    What a doll you are for taking the time to write this post packed full of information and SPECIFIC suggestions. I will share with your many readers that as a recovering ‘food addict,’
    much of it is a mind game. The less decisions you have to make or wonder about… is a huge bonus going into a program. This is why the ‘no white’ can be such a powerful tool for folks.
    If any of your readers have ? about weight loss surgery and/or keeping 100 pounds off for 8 years, I would be happy to guide them–

    • Pamela says:

      I am so in awe of your 8 years. What an accomplishment, to change the way you ate, to stick to it, and supporting a lower body weight.

      I HOPE YOU GUYS TAKE RIDGELY UP ON HER OFFER. She is a wealth of information, and she is a huge inspiration.

      I think that once you get to the idea that no white = nothing that is white sugar or that your body will turn into white sugar, it is simple and powerful. I thought about breaking this into a series of posts, and honestly I may repackage it and repost as a series someday, but I’m not a nutritionist, so I didn’t want to turn my blog into a diet-help blog, b/c I’m only qualified in WHAT HAS WORKED FOR ME (and others I know).

  8. Pamela says:

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Stephanie
    To: Pamelot
    Sent: Fri, Mar 11, 2011 6:13 am
    Subject: RE: Road to Joy: My diet is not a racist.

    How funny—same diet I swear by. Just cut out sugar baby, and anything that is white = sugar to your body! It has taken me 15 years to convince Craig that you do not need to starve to lose weight!

    From: On Behalf Of Road to Joy
    Sent: Friday, March 11, 2011 12:06 AM
    To: Stephanie
    Subject: Road to Joy: My diet is not a racist.

    Road to Joy: My diet is not a racist.

    • Pamela says:

      You’ll never be hungry and you can maintain your weight if you cut out the white (sugar and everything your body easily & quickly turns to sugar). Period.

  9. Ally says:

    Oooh, Pamela, I love-a-you! Great stuff in here – I eat very much like this. I use Stevia as a sweetener some. I know people will go “EWWW, Stevia”, but the problem is that most folks use too much and then get that nasty overpowering and bitter taste. I use liquid Stevia, never powdered and TWO DROPS will sweeten a cup of tea. That’s it, two drops. And I admit, I never use it in coffee, as that’s nasty. I just refuse all artificial, chemically made sweeteners, including sucralose. (sorry) Just do some research and see how they are made – you’ll lose your taste for them quickly. Another great electrolyte drink is Hammer Nutrition’s Heed or Endurolytes Fizz. In fact, I use several Hammer products, as they do not use simple sugars for their endurance products. (I’m a Hammer girl, although I believe every athlete has to find what works for them.) And to be REALLY long-winded – my rule is: the more “whole” the food, the better. Like you said, shop the perimeter of the store. I try to avoid processed foods, even low-carb, sugar-free – look at the ingredients, and there are MANY – it’s not really food!

    And I SECOND your tip for almond (or try coconut) flour for breading if you need it, Bob’s Red Mill is the bomb, and VITA-COST is the place to go! I order most of our supplements, and all my body and face lotion, etc – average 40% off store prices and flat $4.99 shipping no matter what you buy! I buy multiple 3-lb tubs of protein powders at a time – $4.99!!!! Can’t beat it!)

    (As an aside, if you have IBS, cutting all carbs in the beginning may be difficult. If you are like me, you actually need some soluble fiber [which means carbs] to give your gut something to hold onto. Rice is my fall back here. Be careful, if you fall into this category.)

    • Pamela says:

      I triple-like your comment! You are right about the sweeteners and the processed — I don’t disagree about sucralose, I just need a vice ha ha, and try to minimize it. Hammer — good tip, I’m gonna check them out.

      And yes yes yes Vita-Cost!! I’m a loyal customer, too. Great selection, great prices.

      Do fiber supplements like the one I linked to (on vita cost I might add) help you guys with IBS?

      • Ally says:

        Yep, I keep a jar of Benefiber around for that purpose. Luckily my flares are not too often and not too severe. I have total sympathy for folks with severe IBS!

        I know – we all need a vice! :-) Yep, I love Hammer. TONS of educational info on their website.

        I hope Eric does some supplement stuff on here – I’m always interested! I’m going to check out your Synergy now… :-)

        • Pamela says:

          The reason I love synergy is that when I went to they asked me to take power packs of supplements with a long list of minimum amounts of dif vitamins minerals etc. I spent TWO DAYS looking for a lower cost alternative to the hotze stuff (very expensive) that had the same ingredients, was a low carb easily dissolved capsule of powdered ingredients, and kept me from having to take 50 pills a day. Synergy is what I found. Eric, my former GNC spouse, takes it, too. It’s 7 pills per pack. That’s do-able for me. I add (by doctor request) another 10,000 mg of D (gellcap), i take a cranberry supplement (gell cap) to prevent UTI, and I take my bio-identical hormones (powdered, low carb easily digested capsules).

        • Pamela says:

          Oh, and don’t forget to praise Eric as a dancing husband if you want to see him write about supplements, ha ha.

  10. LBDDiaries says:

    That is why YOU are the slender woman and I am still the wannabe working toward it. And BTW, my sugars are tan and brown not white (as in nearly unprocessed and unprocessed, which is sure intersting stuff) that I cook with if I need sugar. I use raw alfalfa honey as a sweetener for coffee and tea.

    Another BTW, Zero has high fructose corn syrup (BAD ju-ju) and Phenylalanine (which is, ready? non-food source of phenylalanine is the artificial sweetener aspartame), Sucralose (Splenda) – bad bad stuff (all which causes migranes).

    When Alpha Hubby and I went on a “read label ingredients looking for sugar” kick a few years ago, we were absolutely shocked how the companies hide the name “sugar” behind others like brown rice syrup, barley malt, ethyl maltol, mannitol, refiner’s syrup, & pure cane juice to name a few. It was IN OUR Slim Fast (powder and liquid – which really ticked me off, how wrong is that?) and all cereal we looked at except oatmeal and shredded wheat. Grrrr. I LOVE Bob’s Red Mill! We get our organic stuff from him, esp. baking soda and powder. He rocks.

    More so, YOU rock and you are my hero and mentor in so many ways. Thank you for taking the time to write this down because this is exactly what I was looking for. I’d been considering going back on Atkins but this is far better!! Thank you also for using my name in vain. I don’t make cakes or cookies or (sniff sniff, waaaa) brownies anymore (at least until I reach goal weight). We here in Alpha land do no processed foods or chemicals – which means as whole as possible. No microwave (nukes nutrients right out of food), but do raw milk and raw milk cheese (none for me), farm fresh eggs, and now raising our own healthy chemical-free beef, tomatoes & hot/sweet peppers – just so little house on the prairie it blows my mind. Who’da thunk it?

    • Pamela says:

      Love your commentary on reading labels. People, read Nan’s comment. :)

      Honey as sweetener (or brown sugar if you must instead of white) = much better than artificial sweeteners or white sugar. (Sigh, again, I wonder how much of my brain is dying from artifical…)

      • LBDDiaries says:

        Oh yeah, one more tidbit – most brown sugar on the shelf is simply white sugar with the addition of molasses so it is NOT a good substitute. Muscovado sugar is best unrefined brown sugar, has 11 calories/ 4 grams (approx. 1 tsp), and is nutritionally richer retaining most of the natural minerals. It’s consistency is “gummy” like store-bought brown sugar. Another “unrefined” sugar is golden caster sugar, a “natural” alternative to white refined sugar (that’s what it says on my package label but I’d research before using as a substitute). It is superfine so melts better than Turbinado (but I’m thinking it’s still sugar). And also, the only good honey is raw (NOT on grocery store shelves, people; there it can say raw and still be processed to death). Find it locally or order from someone – alfalfa is very MILD in flavor and does not have that strong honey taste clover does.

  11. LBDDiaries says:

    Well phooey I’m baaaack – I forgot – fish or krill oil, to me, is a necessary supplement for Omega-3 and because it helps my very dry skin. What’s Eric’s take on it?

    Also for all supplements, I always check the independent test and review laboratory website Consumer Lab (like Consumer Reports) – to check out every supplement. CL will let you know if your product was tested and if it passed lab tests – another shocking eye-opening thing to find most supplements on shelves (like Walmart) do NOT have anywhere near the percentage (if any) of what it claims. Some were spoiled; some claimed 100% and had zip – things like that. It’s worth the yearly price ($29.95) for peace of mind – it saved me a lot of $$ on what I was buying. (p.s. your Synergy passed – whoo hoo – except Man-Up which was recalled).

  12. I don’t think I could do this. I am so in awe of you, proud of you!
    I can’t do artificial sweeteners at all. I get headaches and stomachaches. I did away w/ soda a long time ago. I do eat whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, quinoa, and brown rice. not all the time, but i can’t remember the last time i ate the white stuff. especially white bread!

    and i’m vegetarian, so that makes the protein part hard. esp w/o beans/peanut butter.

    you go, girl!

    • Pamela says:

      You have to do what works for you. And you are fit and healthy!

      I do eat lots of peanut butter and beans tho. I just cut the beans out for 2 weeks when I’m trying to reduce, and I make sure that I don’t buy Jiffy PB etc, but the natural low sugar varieties. I also eats tons of cashew butter, almond butter, and even sunflower seed butter (any nuts). I love to go to Whole Foods and make it fresh with their grinder, pure with no sugar!

  13. JennyBean says:

    Will you come be my diet coach because I can’t do this by myself?!

  14. Eric Hutchins says:

    Love all the comments, and I will get back here and start adding some stuff on supplements, so please keep checking back if you are interested.

  15. Nikkolish says:

    I seriously wish I had the willpower to do this. My biggest problem is that I’m a coffee addict and I need sugar in it. I’ve tried honey and all kinds of artificial sweeteners and it just doesn’t taste right to me. I should probably just kick the coffee habit and then I wouldn’t have to worry about all the sugar I put in it! Now there’s a thought!

  16. Rebecca Nolen says:

    I recognize this diet. I’m trying to follow it also. I’m good with the no sugar part. I’ve lost five pounds

  17. Eric Hutchins says:

    Zero Carb Monster Nikkolish

  18. ridgely says:

    Forgot to share that first year after surgery I did not eat anything with refined sugar in it- so many people who had WLS had problems with it, I decided to steer clear… this as well as no carbonated drinks e.g. diet coke, and lastly I had been successfully hypnotized to NOT eat cookies and crackers 7 yrs before surgery/ I would not eat a cracker even when it was one of the 3 things that I could eat ( right after surgery)
    The rest of the story
    1. I decided to “try” sugar after a year- no physical problems digesting it- no, now I just deal with the sugar cravings if U cave ;-(
    2. After 3 years without, I had a diet coke… still trying to quit ;-(
    3. Two yrs ago at Christmas I zoned out and popped a cookie in my mouth… the crackers get to me more than the cookies(once I had one, the ole philosophy- oh well. might as well have a cracker now…)

    Reason I wanted to share all this, other than to take ++ space :-) is to remind us all we are not perfect and NOT let the “all or nothing” mentality get to anyone– not think of it as a diet or deprivation but the way you’ve decided to live.
    I’ll pull in my shingle now- I just want to address the mind games we all fight
    Pamela- sharing your life helps so many– thank you– and your sexy dance partner, too

    • Pamela says:

      Good for you and thanks for sharing.
      You know what I do? Once I’m at maintenance weight, I give myself off 24 hrs per week :)
      And everyone messes up.
      It’s about absolute minimums not perfection.
      You rock, ridgely :)

  19. Pamela says:

    Two tips off FB from a buddy there:

    1) Kristy Casey Deal Steel cut oats are the healthiest oat carbs – Bob’s Red Mill are the best! THey won the Golden Spurtle in Scotland ~ 1st American Co. to take the award! 😀

    2) Kristy Casey Deal I love Quinoa too! & a great recipe with Grapenuts is to sprinkle it over No Sugar Added Blue Bell with Heshey’s Cocoa! Yummy! A treat you don’t have to feel guilty about eating! 😀

  20. Pamela says:

    Another great “offline” comment:

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Grace Adams
    To: Pamelot
    Sent: Tue, Mar 15, 2011 6:10 pm
    Subject: Re: gelatin!

    Thank you, my dear! And let me say once again how much I enjoyed your last post.

    Okay, here it is:

    It’s done wonders for me. Lots of protein, fills you up.

    Sent from my iPhone

    On Mar 15, 2011, at 6:27 PM,Pamelot wrote:

    > Hey Grace,
    > I saw your comment about gelatin on Nan’s blog. Could I get the link? I think that sounds like such a great idea. And the whole gluten/wheat thing just wreaks havoc on my stomach. I didn’t know about the fair/blonde/northern European connection, but I believe it. Ugh.
    > Pamela
    > Pamela Hutchins

  21. Eric Hutchins says:

    Unfortunately I think I missed “the wave” here, my opportunity to comment about supplements while people were still looking at this particular blog. I will drop just a couple of simple thoughts here and then promise to write a top ten or twenty things I learned from owning a GNC, regarding the supplement industry, if Pamela is still interested.
    1. Many vitamins and supplements actually do provide benefit, for a specific purpose.
    2. There are a huge amount of products that do nothing and a small percentage that are actually not good for you.
    3. There is a VERY big difference in the quality of products that are advertised to be equivalent. (someone already touched on this in this comment string) As an example, a bargain Brand 1000 MG dose of Vitamin XYZ does not deliver the same amount of readily absorbable vitamin XYZ as a good quality product regardless of what the labels tell you.
    4. Unless they truly are your FRIEND, the sales person at the typical vitamin store is NOT your friend. They are often incentivised to sell products that have the highest margin, are about to expire, or a host of other reasons that are not necessarily in your best interest.
    5. I believe that even with an outstanding diet of naturally grown foods of the right types and quantities, there are still many supplements that can provide a benefit that you would not otherwise get in that diet. One simple example; I have problems with both knees related to sports injuries that I am 100% convinced would prevent me from even jogging short distances without the benefit of supplements. Taking a good quality combination of Glocosamine Chondroiton and MSM has allowed me to run Marathons and do triathlons that I know I would not otherwise be able to do.
    6. My experience with our own kids tells me that the typical kid today has a horrible diet. I think there is a huge opportunity to help them though some carefully selected supplements, and for some parents it may be easier to get them to drink that smoothie/shake than to get them to eat the spinach and brown rice.
    Thats all for now here unless there are some specific questions and I will get to the top ten/twenty list soon.

    • Pamela says:

      Yes, Yes, vitamins & supplements blog, PLEASE (when you have more time). People would love it!!!

    • LBDDiaries says:

      This was really useful information – I agree with Pamela – write that article because people need to know this stuff from someone they can trust!! Also, once I started taking a good quality krill oil along with a daily dose of organic apple cider vinegar, I stopped having knee pain (and both had cartilage problems develop due to car accident in 1971 where both knees were impacted – can you say ouch? – when one went thru the radio knob and the other hit the gear shift [and aggravated by the excess weight]) I am looking into Glocosamine Chondroiton today! BTW, what is MSM??

  22. Rhonda says:

    I’m sitting on the edge of my seat, so to speak, watching this daily! I’m drinking in all the info and waiting for more! I’m trying to cut “white” out of my diet, but having trouble giving up the coffee creamer. That’s MY vice, I guess! I’m interested in what is the best combo/brand/whatever for the knee problems. My knees are one of my biggest hindrances in physical activity—that and my lack of motivation! LOL

    Pamela, I think you could easily make this a regular column, as you mentioned on facebook!

    • Pamela says:

      This was SUCH a long blog, there’s 50 billion topics buried in here. I had thought I’d do a one time “vomit up” of what I do to (normally) stay trim (right now, I’m re-trimming, haha). But I might go to a short Wednesday post on Wellness. SHORT. Teeny. Little. Few words. Much much better for me that way 😉

  23. Eric Hutchins says:

    I think doing a regular wellness kinda thing is a great idea Pamela you have a ton of good ideas and info and can make it entertaining.

  24. […] around in my head that I could write a novel and put you all to sleep by the second page.  At Pamela’s request (even though the only other things I have ever written are a post on bicycle tips and technical […]

  25. Javs says:

    Hey there….just came across this site and it is exactly what I am looking for! I started the “no flour, no sugar” diet a few weeks ago and already have lost 4 pounds! I never really thought about the different phases but I guess I should restructure the way I do this diet. Are tomatoes ok for the phase 1
    Ive been trying to get back go my Prepregnancy body and it has been hard.
    I’ve also tried to incorporate burst training…any suggestions for that?

    • Pamela says:

      I like tomatoes for phase 2. I try to stay with leafy green or cruciferous as much as I can in phase 1. BUUUTTTT, a tomato is much better than carrots, and carrots are better than corn. :)

  26. Finally had enough time to sit and actually catch up and read this! Yay! It’s funny, I am on this same diet because I had some digestive issues and finally figured out I needed to get rid of sugar, gluten, dairy products. It’s pretty typical for alcoholics to form a sugar and yeast intolerance, which makes sense since that’s mostly what alcohol consists of. I didn’t know EmergenC made a sugar free version. I will look into that. Awesome info!!

    • Pamela says:

      Giant ugh, but yes, t’is true. And they really hurt my tummy. Doesn’t mean I don’t break the diet (1 day a week, and 5 days of PMS) but I’m miserable after.

  27. […] bhind my knees are coming back (inside joke for the Kona beta team).  Ugh, must control caloric (“white food”) intake and increase through exercise my caloric […]

  28. April says:

    I’m ready for the regular well-ness thing to start! I’ll keep checking back! Love yall’s posts, they keep my laughing and make me feel better about life in general!

  29. Anje Benson Waalkes via Facebook says:

    you my friend are too funny

  30. Rebecca Weiss via Facebook says:

    I’m with you!!

  31. Today was day 1 for me, Rebeccca. I have the eye of the tiger, even if I have the ass of a bear, thighs of a hippo, and belly of an orangatuan, temporarily

  32. Rebecca Weiss via Facebook says:

    Too funny. I’m on day 1 too after a great weekend in Atlanta enjoying food and drink:)

  33. I hear ya. Nothing like having fun to make you miserable 😉 about your body, anyway.

  34. I’m with you. But first – cake!

  35. Ha. Sugar free cake from here on out for me, Dorey. I’m beastly.

  36. I don’t eat yucky carbs anymore actually. I miss them though.

  37. I have a great recipe for almond flour chocolate chip cookies made with honey instead of sugar. Major yum.

  38. I have indulged my yucky carb emotional cravings this summer. It works ok when you’re burning 1000 calories a day. Not so much when you’re sitting on your butt. But even when I was heavily into the training, I just didn’t feel as good and I had more migraines. Time to wash them back out of my system.

  39. Rebecca Weiss via Facebook says:


  40. They way you put your mind to things, you’ll be rockin’ and rollin’ this in no time.

  41. send me the recipe, along with your chapters. and thanks :)

  42. Jacki says:

    How do I keep my figure? I’m a vegetarian, and I run a lot. I don’t eat/buy processed foods. If I can make it myself in my own kitchen with ingredients I’ve heard of and can easily pronounce, I do. If I can’t, I don’t buy it. I tried low-carb and ended up with two dangerous illness w/in 6 weeks (and ran a half-marathon in the middle of all acidosis and diverticulitis. Changing my ways has changed my life.

    Good luck on your diet: the hardest part is finding out what works for your weight loss and keeps you healthy long term. :)

  43. Eric Hutchins via Facebook says:

    We did good tonight.

  44. You can’t imagine, honey, how much food I put away today to be sure I didn’t cheat. The first four days are an eat-fest for me. Then my will strengthens, and I can start to shave calories. I did not cheat, tho.

  45. Debbie says:

    Hey, I’m on the 17 day diet and it is simply fabulous. No hassles with counting anything. They deliver the food to. Going to be amazing when I reach my goal and I owe it all to the Lord who keeps me strong. Good luck all those who take on the task of loosing weight. It is never easy when there are so many good cooks around and especially on a ranch with home grown beef. <):)

  46. […] over at Road to Joy, has posted her Non-White Diet and that post and the comments are chock full of great information – go check her […]

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