The Rock in question.

Email subscribers: my readers are asking for a weekly vlog (video blog), so you have to click on the title of the post and head on out to the website to join in this fun.

And, because I am up to my azz in alligators, this week’s vlog is a blast from the past.  Not only that, but Terri Sonada asked that it feature both Eric and me, so…with no further ado, I give you Rasta Rock, from June 2008, in Glacier National Park (Montana, y’all).

Have a great weekend,


p.s. We took this video on our honeymoon.  We did not honeymoon after our wedding.  Instead, we took a trip several years later and designated it as our official honeymoon.  At the time of our wedding, we had to move from St. Croix to Texas and start working.

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19 Responses to Rasta Rock

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  2. You two tipped the CUTE METER again! Woot! I love it. I love LOVE and I love you two. More please.

    Oh yea, and thanks for blaming all this on me. You guys rock. Rasta Rock. LOL

    • Pamela says:

      Ha! Thanks. We had such a great time on that trip. But I hate to be cold and I hate to be wet and I especially hate it when I am cold and wet AT THE SAME TIME, so it was miraculous that the trail ride even happened. I’m glad I sucked it up and did it.

  3. Irene says:

    Oh, ain’t you two the bomb!

    Kissy kissy!

  4. Heidi M says:

    Awesome fun! We didn’t take our “honeymoon” right away either– had to get down to the business of blending/working/paying bills immediately. Took us three years to make the trip (St Thomas), but it was well worth the wait.
    Love to see how much fun y’all have!

    • Pamela says:

      You know it, Soul Sister — kids starting school, work, bills, responsibility, REAL life…only 100 times more awesome than I ever thought it could be.

  5. Great to see you guys on video…made my day. Of course I love anything with Rasta in the title… guys are awesome.


  6. Ally says:

    You guys are too cute. I love horseback riding. But not cold. And not wet. Brrrrr!

    • Pamela says:

      I grew up on horses, but my island-boy-turned-Texan did NOT. It was hilarious to say the strong confident man on top of the stubborn giant horse who did his own damn thing, Eric-schmeric.

  7. LBDDiaries says:

    Love the vlog – really grea “awwwww” factor – and loved the kiss mid-conversation. You guys are an amazing looking couple. I was on a horse once, for a little while during high school at some church outing or whatever. Never had the urge to do that again. He was tired of all those chatty loud-mouthed kids and decided to run under a limb – being short, I was OK but others weren’t! I am of the “love watching them” persuasion rather than “love riding them.”

  8. JennyBean says:

    Aren’t you pretty in pink on that horsie!

    • Pamela says:

      True story: we were so broke at the time that photo was taken, so in preparation for our trip to Montana (for Eric’s work, but we added on me and the honeymoon part) in June, we knew that our Caribbean-to-Houston wardrobe wouldn’t cut it. We found those water proof track suits on clearance for $15 apiece, and the only color in my size was hot pink. We decided it would scare away the grizzly bears. And that no one else would ever see it. We took photos for ourselves and video for the kids, and, lo, three years later … well, I regret the purchase now 😉

  9. SuzRocks says:

    Aww you guys are so cute! I’ve got too much stage fright to be in a real video. I’d probably cry.

    I also hate being cold and wet. I feel ya.

  10. Sandy says:

    You two have a very special relationship and I just love hearing about it. Keep sharing!

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