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3 Responses to The Right Stuff

  1. Rebecca Nolen says:

    I wish I knew more moms like you when I was struggling to teach elementary. You DO rock! Lucky boy!

    • Pamela says:

      I make more mistakes than I do things right, but one thing we feel strongly about it not making “our” issues” into other people’s issues unless we have to. My child = my responsibility. Myself = my responsibility. I want to transfer that to my kids. At the same time, we all have to know when it is ok to ask for help, and what our rights are. Ya know? So … we ask doctors for help, we ask teachers for help, and if we need to we ask the school or district…but, in the end, we always remain responsible for our own stuff.

      Personal life theory infomercial ended at 11:37 am… 😉

  2. […] symptom of ADHD, part of the “the only time frame is NOW or HUH????” aspect of their brains.  When our son takes his meds, his truthtelling (and helpfulness around the house) shoots up.    Without the meds…whoa, Nellie.  Clark only started taking medication in 2009.  Pre-2009 […]

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